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Public Allies Arizona is all about community involvement. Each cohort year, Public Allies plans and carries out multiple service projects, open to the community. Additionally, Public Allies is a learning laboratory for each apprenticed Ally—meaning that they are mentored, shaped, and honed into effective nonprofit leaders. The Allies share what they have learned and how they will continue inspiring change in our communities. Some of the ways in which you can become involved with Public Allies include the following:

Attend this community event and witness the next class of Allies make their commitment to service for the year. Public Allies Arizona typically participates in an afternoon of service following the induction.

What a difference a day makes! Public Allies participants, staff, alumni and friends have rolled up our sleeves and opened our hearts to take on one-day projects addressing housing, access to resources, and community empowerment.

This year our volunteers raised awareness about housing rights and equity, built raised garden beds and little free libraries, and engaged with workers’ rights movements. Let us know if you would like to partner for one of our Service Days: Make a Difference Day (October), Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January), Cesar Chavez Day (April), and Global Youth Service Day (April).

During this community presentation series each May, Allies report on the work that they have done in their nonprofit apprenticeships to positively impact the community in specific focus areas.

Attend these presentations and learn about their collective impact in areas such as youth engagement, community and family support, volunteer coordination, and individual self-efficacy. All Allies create individual poster boards to share information about their unique work- a great opportunity to speak one-on-one with a currently-serving Ally!

Join us each June to celebrate and recognize the dedication and accomplishments of the Public Allies class. Learn more about the program, the organizations that host Allies, and the collective impact of their work.

Support the development of our next generation of leaders by serving as a Partner Organization and hosting a Public Allies for 10 months. Check out our Partner Organization page for more information.

Heard of the phrase, “it takes a village to raise a child”? We believe that it takes a strong community to support the development of leaders to serve that same community.

Allies receive coaching and mentorship from our Program Manager staff, their host organization’s supervisors, and from specific alumni connected with the program, and we also look for mentors from our wider community to being their expertise. If you think you might have experiences and skills to share with members of our program, let us know!

We are always looking for great workshop facilitators and leaders in the community who can share their knowledge of the community, professional skills, social justice work, and networks with the Allies.

Public Allies seeks opportunities to engage young adults in thinking about national service and leadership as a significant part of their future.

Are you a teacher, youth group leader, youth facilitator, administrator, counselor, or youth worker who wants your young adults to know about all opportunities available to them? We’d love to participate in career and community fairs, classroom workshops, and group meetings to share about our work. We can lead a number of different interactive workshops that focus on communication, leadership, and decision-making and speak about the benefits of the Public Allies program.

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Do any of these opportunities sound interesting and exciting to you? Please contact the Public Allies Arizona staff at to get connected!