ASU Cogenerational Service Academy

Be the bridge with this multigenerational volunteer opportunity

This is your opportunity to be part of a new kind of volunteer program where you work with a small, multigenerational team to design your own service project. Bridge the gaps, learn from each other, and celebrate your success together!

Be flexible

You and your team decide how, when and where you do your work. The Academy term is for 5 months. You work together to define the deliverables and measure your success and outcomes.

Be creative

Each team selects their own service project. Focus on your passion, build your knowledge base, and make a difference in your community. Our program support is here to help you find the right agency or community for your project.

Be a learner

Discover the power of cogenerational work, and how we can collaborate to do more for our communities and embrace our differences. You will share ideas and resources, and find support, with a larger facilitated cohort group.

Cogenerational Service Academy

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Time commitment

We estimate 35-40 hours over the 5-month period, depending on each team’s project and scope. This includes an estimated 10 hours of in-person meetings with your cohort.

Developing a project

Teams will select their own projects. We provide access to potential partner organizations operating in that space.

How to get started

Complete our form below to join our applicant pool. We will use this info for our selection process and to best match you to a service project partner in future cohorts.

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