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Connecting talent with community

Experience Matters

Corporate partnership

Experience Matters supports your desire to help employees feel inspired about their future and offers unique community engagement opportunities important to your corporate philanthropy and branding initiatives.

Complete your organization profile

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Help employees navigate career transition

Experience Matters serves as a bridge between your company and employees who are planning for retirement or encore careers—supporting the application of their institutional and intellectual knowledge toward new, purposeful opportunities.


Engage your employees as volunteers

Employee involvement in company sponsored social purpose work increases loyalty, engagement and brand awareness in the community. Experience Matters connects your employees to nonprofits in need of their specific skills and talents.

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A senior sits and smiles at the camera while others in the background sit at a long table and discuss.

Sponsor talent at a nonprofit

By sponsoring an experienced Encore Fellow or Associate to complete a project at a nonprofit, your company is not only alleviating a financial burden for a social-purpose organization—you’re fostering a passion for service to the community as skilled individuals create positive change.

Promote your brand as a Corporate Citizen

Through events and nationally recognized speakers, Experience Matters engages thousands of active, civic-minded adults to build stronger communities. Event sponsorship puts your brand in front of this audience in a variety of ways.

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