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Experience Matters, a program of the ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation, connects the skills and talent of individuals with social-benefit organizations to address critical challenges and create positive change in our communities.

To continue and expand this vital work, we need your support. Your generous donation will help Experience Matters reach more nonprofits, engage more individuals, and ultimately create a stronger and more vibrant community. Here's how your contribution will amplify our impact.

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For just $83, you can support the impactful work of a member for one month. A $250 gift sustains the placement for three months, and with $1,000 you can support a member’s entire year of service at a nonprofit.

With this type of volunteer work now valued at over $31 an hour, your investment in Experience Matters will generate an outsized return for an Arizona community.

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These figures are an aggregate of multiple Experience Matters programs and do not include Fellow stipends.

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