Fall 2019 inductees for Nu Lambda Mu Honor Society

Nu Lambda Mu Honor Society

Nu Lambda Mu Honor Society

The international Nu Lambda Mu Nonprofit Honor Society was established in 2012 by the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC) to recognize graduate students dedicated to the study of nonprofit management, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship and enterprise. Its mission is to advance the study of nonprofit organizations and their function in society and to promote scholarly achievement among those who engage in these academic pursuits. In 2018, the NACC Board amended its guidelines to include a category for qualified undergraduate students.

Nu Lambda Mu seeks to recognize those who, as part of a degree or certificate program, have excelled in coursework and as a leader to others. By encouraging rigorous study in the field of public serving organizations, the Nu Lambda Mu Honor Society promotes the professionalization and ethical conduct of all who pursue careers of service.

Nu Lambda Mu is a special national honor society for undergraduate and graduate students specifically in nonprofit programs. Current students, as well as degreed alumni, are eligible for this honor society if they have achieved the criteria established for GPA minimum requirements and completion of coursework. Once an individual is inducted into Nu Lambda Mu, he or she is a member for life. An undergraduate student/alumnus admitted may also apply in subsequent years for the graduate level distinction if they meet qualifications.

In its first year of existence Nu Lambda Mu introduced inductees from: Baruch College, Bay Path College, DePaul University, Grand Valley State University, Indiana University- Bloomington, Indiana University, Purdue University-Indianapolis, North Park University, Regis University, Seattle University, Texas A&M University, University of Delaware, University of Missouri-St. Louis, University of Notre Dame, University of Oregon, University of San Francisco, University of Southern California and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It is important to note that the inaugural class of inductees at Arizona State University was also the largest class of any of the other Universities for Fall of 2014.

Meet our inductees

Please find the roster of our Nu Lambda Mu inductees below, listed by the semester in which they were inducted. Note: graduation semester and year may differ from their actual induction semester and year as both current students, as well as degreed alumni, are eligible.

  • MNLM – Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management
  • MNpS – Master of Nonprofit Studies
  • MPA – Master of Public Administration (nonprofit administration concentration)
  • MS, CRD – Master of Science, Community Resources and Development (Nonprofits and NGOs)
  • NLA/CNP – Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Program - Certified Nonprofit Professional Credential
  • NLM – B.S. Degree in Nonprofit Leadership and Management
  • NLM Graduate Certificate – Nonprofit Leadership and Management Graduate Certificate
  • SECD – Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship & Community Development Certificate

Spring 2023 inductees | Press release


  • Katie Hindman, MS, CRD
  • Lori Johnson, MNLM
  • Keila Llanes, MNLM
  • Evangelina Sesma, MNLM


  • Dawn Drake, NLM, NLA/CNP
  • Jordyn Hoff, NLM, NLA/CNP
  • Margarita Mantussova, NLM, NLA/CNP

Fall 2022 inductees | Press release


  • Rebecca Ohman, MNLM
  • Megan Philpot, MNLM
  • Matthew Semler, MNLM

Spring 2022 inductees | Press release


  • Olivia Barhorst, MNLM
  • Vivian Baylor, MNLM
  • Gwendolyn McKay, MNLM
  • Jordyn Noel, MNLM
  • Maria Pappas, MNLM
  • Jessica Semder, MNLM
  • Melissa Sullivan, MNLM
  • Rachel Veiga, MNLM
  • Lisa Vesolich, MNLM


  • DeAnna Ringlero, NLM
  • Marissa Wong, NLM, NLA/CNP

Fall 2021 inductees | Press release


  • Nathan Bezzant, MNLM
  • Syvan Diamond, MNLM
  • Kelsey Duman, MNLM
  • Maricela Gutierrez Rodriguez, MNLM
  • Kelly Hart, MNLM
  • Arlene Islas, MNLM
  • Jennifer King, MNLM
  • Vicki MacFarlane, MNLM
  • Emily Santeler, MNLM
  • Laura Taylor, MNLM
  • Daniel Tyrrell, MNLM


  • Farrah Ashcraft, NLM, NLA/CNP
  • Gabrielle Settembre, NLM, NLA/CNP

Spring 2021 inductees | Press release


  • Amber Amaro, MNLM
  • Tammy Fairweather, MNLM
  • Daniela Figueroa, MNLM
  • Brian Hetzer, MNLM
  • Natalia Hurley, MNLM
  • Lee Ann Nix, MNLM
  • Cecilia Gutierrez, MNLM


  • Candice Holland, NLM, NLA/CNP
  • LeeAndra Matthews, NLM, NLA/CNP
  • Charlie O'Brien, NLM
  • Marie Raasch, NLM Minor
  • Bernadette Silva, NLM, NLA/CNP
  • Decora Stevens, NLA/CNP

Fall 2020 inductees | Press release


  • Anna Carlson, MNLM
  • Karyn Cooks, MNLM
  • Randy George, NLM Graduate Certificate
  • Laura Grosso, MNLM
  • Jennifer Kirksey, MNLM
  • Jennifer Nation, MNLM
  • Katie Petersen, MNLM


  • Elise Kelsheimer, NLM, NLA/CNP

Spring 2020 inductees | Press release


  • Alyssa Huntley, MNLM
  • Alexandra Oropeza, MNLM
  • Kimberlee Roe, MNLM
  • Eric Salazar, MNLM


  • Tiera Guerena, NLM, NLA/CNP
  • Camille-Fleur Moraux-Pizano, NLM, NLA/CNP

Fall 2019 inductees | Press release


  • Alaina Caulkett, MNLM
  • Jennifer Granillo, MNLM
  • Thomas Isakson, MNLM
  • Nahil Ismail, MNLM
  • Erin Larkins, MNLM
  • Andrew MacDonald, MNLM
  • Lindsay Piper, MNLM
  • Amanda Siegal, MNLM
  • Molly Wagge, MNLM
  • Samantha Wessel, MNLM

Spring 2019 inductees | Press release


  • Shannon Bailey, MNLM
  • Jess Hixsen, NLM Graduate Certificate
  • Catherine Friederich Murray, MNLM

Inaugural Undergraduate Class:

  • Bailey De La Torre, NLM, NLA/CNP
  • Sarah Sikon, NLM, NLA/CNP

Fall 2018 inductees | Press release

  • Robert (Bo) Buchanan, MNLM
  • Angela Lopez, MNLM
  • Joseph Mannarelli, MNLM
  • Sarah Mason, MNLM
  • Chelsea Poch, MNLM
  • Kerstan Ryan, MNLM
  • Alexa Schnoor, MNLM
  • Jordyn Shafer-Frie, MNLM

Spring 2018 inductees | Press release

  • Kate Albaugh-Wayan, MNLM
  • Tomasa Ravines Burga, MNLM
  • Jill Robeck, MNLM
  • Justin Chavez, SECD Certificate, Spring 2015
  • Cordelia House, MNLM
  • Wendell C. King, Sr., NLM Graduate Certificate Fall 2015, SECD Certificate Fall 2016

Fall 2017 inductees | Press release

  • Charlaina Baker, MNLM Fall 2017
  • Xiaojing Cao, MNLM Fall 2017
  • Suzanne Durkin-Bighorn, MNLM in progress
  • Hira Ismail, MNLM Fall 2017
  • MacKenzie LeBeau, MNLM Fall 2017
  • Jiaqi Li, MPA (Nonprofit Administration) Spring 2018
  • Kathleen Moulder, MNLM Spring 2017
  • Stella O'Rourke, MNLM Fall 2017
  • Hallie Rexer, MNLM Fall 2017
  • Brittany Samples, MNLM Fall 2017
  • Fernanda Torres, MNLM Fall 2017
  • Mamie Winkelman, MNLM in progress

Spring 2017 inductees | Press release

  • Tyler Adams, MNLM Spring 2017
  • Thomas Avery, MNpS Spring 2010
  • Michelle Bulriss, MNLM Summer 2017
  • Dorilene Davies-Venn, MNpS Fall 2010
  • Brenna Paes, MNLM Spring 2017
  • Stanford Prescott, MNLM Spring 2017
  • Carletha Sterling, MNLM in progress

Fall 2016 inductees | Press release

  • Robert Billings, MPA (Nonprofit Administration) Spring 2017
  • Christy Dargus, MNLM Spring 2017
  • Abigail Elsener, MNLM Fall 2016
  • Christopher Haines, MNLM Fall 2016
  • Anna Midkiff, MNLM Fall 2016
  • Carissa Oberlin, MNLM Fall 2016
  • Alexis Roeckner, MNLM Spring 2017
  • Yissel Salafsky, MNLM Spring 2017
  • Jonathan Short, MNLM Fall 2016
  • Eric Spicer, MNLM Fall 2016
  • Laura Unkefer, MNLM Fall 2016
  • Natalia Winberry, MNLM Spring 2017

Spring 2016 inductees

  • Nada Adeeb, MPA (Nonprofit Administration) Spring 2016
  • Kaitlan Capalbo-Cady, MNpS Spring 2011
  • Christopher Chappell, MNLM Fall 2016 
  • Terence Driscoll, MPA (Nonprofit Administration) Fall 2016
  • Rudolph Frank, MNLM Spring 2016
  • Joseph C. Garcia, MNLM Spring 2016
  • Geraldine Hills, MNpS Fall 2012
  • Tom Torretta, MNpS Fall 2011

Spring 2015 inductees

  • Patsy Kraeger, MNpS Spring 2015
  • Kathy Renfro, MNpS Student
  • Kaylee Wilkinson, MNpS Spring 2015
  • Kalea Yoshida, MNpS Student

Fall 2014 inductees | Press release

  • Lee Stanford Farr, MNpS Fall 2014
  • Janice Grandy, MNpS Fall 2009
  • Ruby Hernandez, MNpS Fall 2008
  • Lise Lindsay, MNpS Fall 2014/Concurrent with MSW
  • Mitchelle "Michelle" O. Makanjuola, MPA/Nonprofit Administration Fall 2014
  • Robyn McLaughlin, MNpS Fall 2011
  • Anne Osborne, MNpS Spring 2014; BS NLM Spring 2012; NLA Cert. Spring 2012
  • Denise Wittstock, MNpS Fall 2013; BS NLM Fall 2010

Contact us

For additional information regarding the Nu Lambda Mu Nonprofit Honor Society please call 602.496.0500 or email nonprofit@asu.edu

Nonprofit Academic Centers Council logoThis international honor society was established by the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council to recognize students dedicated to the study of nonprofit management, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship/enterprise. Its mission is to advance the study of nonprofit organizations and their function in society and to promote scholarly achievement among those who engage in these academic pursuits.scholarly achievement among those who engage in these academic pursuits.

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