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Nu Lambda Mu

Eleven graduate students join ASU's Nu Lambda Mu Chapter in Fall 2023 induction

December 11, 2023 — The Arizona State University chapter of the Nu Lambda Mu Nonprofit Honor Society inducted 11 new members as the Fall 2023 class. This brings to 155 the number of students from ASU who have been admitted into NACC’s honor society since 2014, the first year that ASU students began applying for the honor.

Inductees this year include graduate students from Arizona State University's Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management (MNLM) program.

The Fall 2023 members are:


  • Corina Alegria, MNLM
  • Kathryn Andrew, MNLM
  • Brea Bennett, MNLM
  • Stacy Brightman, MNLM
  • Allison Ford, MNLM
  • Paola Gale, MNLM
  • Keisha Gracius, MNLM
  • Christe LePeau, MNLM
  • Thomas Ording, MNLM
  • Elizabeth Tam, MNLM
  • Avemar Tan-Pineda, MNLM

The international Nu Lambda Mu Nonprofit Honor Society was established in 2012 by the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council to recognize students dedicated to the study of nonprofit management, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship and enterprise. The honor society expanded in 2018 to include undergraduate students. Its mission is to advance the study of nonprofit organizations and their function in society and to promote scholarly achievement among those who engage in these academic pursuits.

Nu Lambda Mu seeks to recognize those who, as part of a degree or certificate program, have excelled in coursework and as a leader to others. By encouraging rigorous study in the field of public serving organizations, the Nu Lambda Mu Honor Society promotes the professionalization and ethical conduct of all who pursue careers of service.

Nu Lambda Mu is a special national honor society for graduate and undergraduate students specifically in nonprofit programs. Current students, as well as degreed alumni, are eligible for this honor society if they have achieved a GPA of 3.7 or higher and have completed at least half of their degree coursework. Once an individual is inducted into Nu Lambda Mu, he or she is a member for life.