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How Could Your Nonprofit be More Donor Centric?

When it comes to fundraising for nonprofits, donors are key. While reaching out to donors for funds, it is essential to treat them as partners. You should constantly keep them in the loop about things you are planning to do and how you plan to go about your campaign.

Donors have several motivations for choosing a cause. It could be something they feel passionately about, or it could also be their desire to be part of a community while sharing the vision of the leader of the project. It could be because of tax-deductible donations, or several other factors. You should be able to provide reasons to the donor for connecting with your cause. Once they are a part of your cause, it is equally important to reach out to them on a regular basis to make them feel a part of your community.

Here are a few ways to make your campaign more donor centric: 

Show donors how they can help solve a problem

Evidence shows that people are more likely to donate if they believe they can create a difference through their support. They strive to help solve something that they associate themselves with. Target your audience with a pitch that has specific requests.

Remind donors how you are changing things

It is important to make your donors aware of how your cause is making a difference, even after the donation. Keep them aware of the how/when/what/where of the project. Let donors know each detail of how their funds are being used. This not only helps establish trust among your donors and link them to your community, but it also strengthens your reputation among potential would-be donors. Show your donors what their giving has accomplished.

Give your donors a story to tell

Form a great experience for your donors by giving them a story to share with others. It could be stories about the amazing difference their efforts helped create, the exciting process they were a part of, or the pressing needs that they helped address.

Adopt Mobile Giving

Allow your donors to make payments in a convenient and secure way that is easier to use. Give them the flexibility to donate wherever and however they wish to. Adopting mobile giving could be a way of achieving this. Once you make it easier for your donors to give, not only would the amount of donations rise but also the donor retention rate for your nonprofit.

These few things could enrich the overall experience for your donors. Donors are the reason behind successful fundraising for nonprofits. Therefore, it is essential to keep them at the center of all your fundraising efforts.

Juhi Sharma works with nonprofits to create powerful marketing and communications programs to ensure that they are heard and will generate the engagement and actions needed. 


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