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Keeping the Volunteering Torch Lit

Today's youth generation has been stereotyped as the "me" generation — as obsessed with technology, social media, and constantly checking Facebook news feeds. However, technological advancement and social media are the key factors of this generation when it comes to giving back. Nonprofit organizations all over the world have become accustomed to the social media franchise: People are now able to donate online, view volunteer opportunities on the web, follow charity updates, and much more. Having access to this information through social media is one very large reason I believe that today's youth are becoming more involved with giving back to their communities.

Now, technology and social media aren't going to be the only things that help keep the younger generation involved with volunteering and donating to nonprofit organizations. This is where strong family ties can make a big impact. Instead of spending your "family time" watching television, give volunteering a shot! It's a fantastic way to pass the volunteering torch on to the next generation. While growing up, I spent a lot of time with my family volunteering and giving back to various organizations such as the Special Olympics and St. Mary's Food Bank, and it's had a significant impact on my life, even inspiring me to join the American Humanics program.

Through volunteering I have learned that so many people in my community need various kinds of help and assistance. I've also come to realize that even seemingly small actions can make a huge impact, especially when I get my whole family involved. I have learned not to take things for granted and to be truly thankful for the things that I have, including the "family" I have in the nonprofit community. Volunteering has truly enriched my life, and it makes me feel good knowing that I can help in some way. I know that when I have kids I will introduce them to volunteering and helping the community as well. It's essential that we not only focus on how we can make a difference, but on how we can help our loved ones make a big impact, too. After all, if today's youth can keep the volunteering torch lit, positive change will spread like wildfire.

To see how Roots, an organization in Tel Aviv, is encouraging families to volunteer (and continue to volunteer!), check out this video.


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