Public Allies Arizona and the ASU Lodestar Center present

Presentations of Impact 2022


Join us in celebrating our Public Allies as they display the work they have accomplished to positively impact our communities in 2022.

Explore stories of impact, collaboration and innovation, and learn about the significance of Public Allies from the participants, nonprofit partners and our local community.

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2021-22 Phoenix and Tucson Public Allies

Alesha Adolph

Arizona Preservation Foundation — Phoenix

When I think about my time with Public Allies and being placed with Arizona Preservation Foundation (APF), I think about how lucky I feel to have had this as my first full-time job. The flexible schedule allowed me to continue my education to better learn how to use architecture software such as AutoCAD and Revit. I have met many amazing people, who I may not have otherwise.

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Alejandro Hernandez

Better Business Bureau — Phoenix

Let me take y'all back, it was junior year at Arizona State University and I was looking for an internship. Normally it is that time for any college student to find an opportunity that can give them further guidance. I was a first-generation college student, the son of immigrant parents, not knowing what to do next. One day I saw an application for Public Allies and told myself, why not. So I applied and next thing I know I would be working 10 months within this organization.

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Jordan Littlepage

Save the Family — Phoenix

As I was going into my senior year of college, I still had yet to tick one goal off my list: getting an internship. Looking ahead to my future and the last 6 months of college, I was feeling woefully unprepared for the world I was about to step into. When I heard about Public Allies in June, just a few months before the semester was set to start, it was through a chance connection with a local nonprofit CEO and it felt like the stars had aligned.

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Luis Placencia

Esperança — Phoenix

I came to Public Allies in the hopes of giving back to my community one final time before starting medical school. I wished to be a part of a community that was filled with leaders and individuals from whom I could learn a lot of things. So, following the selection process, I joined Esperanca with the hopes of getting my feet wet in the nonprofit sector.

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Juan Rivera

Bridges-2-BOW — Phoenix

It’s been two years since I first started the Public Allies Program. My perspective has come alive. Can’t say it’s changed. I grew up in Los Angeles in the barrios. I was exposed to a lot of societal issues when I was young. Gang violence. Gentrification. Drug traffic. Police brutality. Systemic oppression. I was very familiar with it at a young age. I did not have the words to describe my surroundings, though.

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Brittany Taylor

Youth On Their Own — Tucson

Before these 10 months even began, we’re going to start back all the way to the beginning. I was born and raised here in Tucson, Arizona. I really loved growing up here. One of the best things about growing up in Tucson is that it always felt like such a kind and supportive community, and that was something I really loved about it. I think growing up, part of me also wondered, “What can I do in the future to give back to the community that raised me like this?” That seed has always been somewhere in my mind.

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Jennifer Gonzalez

Chicanos Por La Causa ⁠— Phoenix

My first term was really just about learning the ropes and getting to understand what the organization was about and what my role within my placement and Public Allies was. I knew of course what my service objectives were but to say that was my entire goal was wrong. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to get out of my term and what I wanted to learn to expand my breadth of knowledge. I wanted to learn more about people, those I knew personally and from books, articles, online. It was this innate curiosity that took me from a medical-related organization to a business nonprofit.

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Afsaneh Karami

Saving Amy — Phoenix

Through this experience, I have learned that love and compassion breaks down barriers among different communities and connects hearts, and through the active implementation of that, we can change the world, one heart at a time.

Looking back at my experience, I am most proud of working with such a fantastic group of women who lift one another and donate their most valuable asset, their time to empower others to thrive in life.

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Molly McIntyre

Boys and Girls Clubs of the Valley — Phoenix

I have changed an inordinate amount in the 10 months I’ve been a part of the Public Allies program. I started to see that I have the power to play an active role, and that I have the responsibility to learn and respect the humanity and hardships of others. To learn about the diverse experiences that make up this community, and to do my part in helping them thrive. Being a part of Public Allies has been a gateway in teaching me about this, and I believe it has also opened up my ability to empathize and prioritize the helping of others.

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Daniela Rivera

ASU OCHER — Tucson

My role at OCHER was very new to me, as I had not had previous experience in an office setting. My position of Community Engagement and Outreach Specialist sounded very foreign, especially hearing “specialist” in my title. My first day, I remember feeling very lost and scared, and more after some unfortunate hardships that occurred. But I learned to drive on the freeway, and little by little, I began to adapt.

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Aimee Rodriguez

Bag It Cancer — Tucson

When I graduated in 2021, I was absolutely terrified. Not only were we still in a pandemic so my options were a bit limited, but I had no idea what I wanted to do. And all of those questions, “What are you going to do now?” “What is your plan for the future?” “What are your next steps?” were only contributing to my fears. However, lucky for me, I started my journey with Public Allies in the summer of 2021. It all began by chance as I stumbled across a Public Allies internship posting during one of my many job searches as I frantically tried to decide the career path I wanted to go down.

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