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Eight marketing tools to effectively communicate your nonprofit’s message

What most people do not realize is that nonprofit organizations experience similar complications and obstacles that a businesses face. Whether it is a small group or a large nonprofit corporation, the struggle to get the marketing message out there for the public to respond to is a battle that is fought every step of the way. If you are involved in this ongoing struggle with your nonprofit organization, we have eight tools that can help your organization get its marketing message across loud and clear.

1. Decompress the marketing budget with WordPress

In addition to the everyday headaches of marketing your message to the public, nonprofits often also struggle with a much lower marketing allowance than the for-profit competition. Nonprofit organizations can use WordPress, an easy to use application, for blogging and websites, making telling your riveting story and engaging your supporter’s interest easier and with far less expense.

WordPress allows you to compete in a visually stunning and attractive online format. You can be extremely search engine friendly without putting limitations on video, audio, or depth of social media reach. WordPress should definitely be at the top of every nonprofit toolbox.

2. Luminate Online lightens your fundraising load (By tons)

Luminate Online by Blackbaud is a great cloud-based software solution that will personalize your constituent interactions. It has very involved and far-reaching support systems for its software. When it comes to internet marketing, blogs, social media, gifting, videos, forums, how-to documentation, product discovery, industry research, and even newsletters and idea banks, Luminate Online can deliver. If it needs to be told or sold, Luminate Online has what it takes. Blackbaud’s Safe Harbour privacy notice is the best in the business.

3. The Nonprofit Marketing Guide (n’est-ce pas)

The Nonprofit Marketing Guide is filled from top to bottom and side-to-side with more nonprofit information, tutorials, and tricks and tips than you could find in a dozen other websites. Not all of the content will apply to everyone, but there is definitely something that will apply to you.


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4. 2013 AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference

The best tools are the ones you get to attend. They say that if you want to learn from the best, you have to hang with the best. Here is your chance. There will be a great amount of talent and knowledge at the AMA (American Marketers Association) Nonprofit Marketing Conference.

Can’t make it to Virginia? There are plenty of nonprofit conferences in the Phoenix area as well! Check out the upcoming Planned Giving Roundtable of Arizona’s 19th Annual Summer Forum, or the ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Innovation’s 21st Annual Conference on Nonprofit Sustainability Strategies.

5. Social power not new to nonprofits

No one needs to tell the nonprofit marketer to take advantage of all of the social media platforms. We would recommend utilizing a social media accounts manager that allows you to use these tools in a less time consuming fashion, such as Hootsuite. A social media analyzer is also old hat but worth at least a mention. Many nonprofits favor PostLing for the task and Rowfeeder for quickly analyzing and researching hash tags.

6. The Guide Creative has it all

The new Guide Creative, also by Blackbaud, is a great tool for nonprofit website building. It is worth mentioning that the more visually stimulating the blog or website, the more effective it will be to serve your nonprofit’s purposes. For information on what makes for a successful blog, check out the creative insights found at Guide Creative. They cover everything from planning, creation, and content that will make your nonprofit website and blog a money making machine for the social good.

7. Resources to grow your website

Increasing visibility online can be done using different types of tools, methods and resources. To learn from the industry leaders you need to be involved, updated and be ready to test read a lot. Join free reputable resources such as SEOmoz, WebDS, or NineByBlue to learn more.

8. Spread your word

Keeping in touch with your supporters is vital. Nonprofits should nurture existing prospects as they are the life line of your business. An easy way to do that is through the already mentioned social networks, and email marketing. Periodic email updates with valuable information can go long way. Constant Contact is just one tool that can help you manage your email campaigns and keep in touch with your donors and volunteers.

Go forth and non-prosper!

With these eight tools in your nonprofit toolbox, you will be a force to be reckoned with when it is time to get down in the trenches and battle it out for supremacy of the consumer’s hard earned, not easily spent cash. Always remember what it was that lit the fires under you and you will always be successful.

Asher Elran is a practical software engineer and the founder of Dynamic Search™, a web marketing company. Asher is enthusiastic about all things involving creative marketing, CRO, SEM, and killer content.


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