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What are you doing for Arizona Gives Day?

Join the hundreds of Arizona nonprofits who are combining forces on the one day that the people of Arizona have the power to raise as much money as possible for the state’s nonprofit sector through the fastest growing method of giving: online fundraising. And it’s all happening on March 20.

The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and The Arizona Grantmakers Forum have teamed up to do what has never been done before in our state. Many states across the nation are already participating in giving days, and it’s Arizona’s turn to cash in. The process is simple, yet powerful. Nonprofits wishing to participate register at, complete their profile, then promote like their lives depend on it. For some organizations, it really does.

As the sector continues to experience cuts from all sources of funding, new ways of fundraising must be created and explored. One of these ways is online fundraising coupled with social media. The success of online giving concepts, such as Giving Tuesday, has increased dramatically, even in just in the past few years. According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy and PRNewswire, $10 million was raised in online donations on Giving Tuesday – a 53% increase when compared to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving the previous year.

The exposure and networking opportunities available to organizations that have an online presence is paramount, and Arizona Gives Day is a portal in which all nonprofits, no matter the size, can build their capacity in this online environment. Not only does Arizona Gives Day help build the capacity of nonprofits in their online fundraising efforts, but it also:

  • Relieves pressure in seeking funding from institutional funders
  • Strengthens the relationship with new and existing donors
  • Increases the engagement of individuals with the Arizona nonprofit community.

In my opinion, that last benefit is the most important advantage of Arizona Gives Day.

As part of the Arizona Gives Day campaign, HMA Public Relations has been brought on board to help spread the word to all peoples across the state. Those of us in the nonprofit sector know the impact of the sector and how integral it is in our community and our everyday lives. However, it’s still not common knowledge outside of the sector. Arizona Gives Day brings with it the opportunity to better educate our communities about the many needed services the nonprofit sector provides, and how without it, our families, our neighbors, and our communities would not thrive or even function properly.

Arizona Gives Day is about much more than the dollar amount any participating nonprofit raises during those 24 hours. Many nonprofits participating in Arizona Gives Day will see new donors who will be introduced to their organization. Even if these new donors give just $20, this provides the opportunity to engage these newcomers and turn them into life long supporters. It creates sustainability and opens the doors to a new way of giving. So, it’s time to ask yourself, what are you doing for Arizona Gives Day?

To find out more information, to register your nonprofit, and to donate, please visit The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits also has a page devoted to Arizona Gives Day where new information, resources and announcements can be found. If you have questions, The Alliance has a voicemail box devoted to Arizona Gives Day questions or you can email directly to

Jill Christiansen is passionate about building capacity in the nonprofit sector by creating strategic connections with social organizations, funders, and the general public. She earned her Master's of Nonprofit Studies degree through ASU, has worked in grant management and donor engagement with the Arizona Community Foundation, and is currently working with The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits on Arizona Gives Day, where she trains nonprofits on how to build awareness for Arizona Gives Day and how to implement online fundraising techniques. Jill is also helping to form two Phoenix nonprofit organizations, one an art gallery and event venue, called The Wooden Tree, and the other, a therapeutic gardening center for PTSD veterans, called Shanty Shack Farms.


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