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Social Impact Measurement Certificate

Proving the success of your programs is critically important today, and anecdotal stories aren’t enough. Learn to lead your organization’s efforts in evaluating or tracking program performance.

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Social Impact Measurement Certificate

Measure what matters. Proving the success of your programs is critically important today, and anecdotal stories aren’t enough.

The eight-week Social Impact Measurement Certificate is designed for individuals who want to lead their organization’s efforts in evaluating or tracking the performance of their programs. It will help individuals:

  • Understand how social impact measurement fits into your management structure;
  • Design an evaluation;
  • Learn to collect data to tell your organization’s story;
  • Analyze and use information you collect.

Today’s successful nonprofit organizations are placing more emphasis on evaluation in order to:

  • Plan and improve programs based on data;
  • Prove they are worthy of the public trust and the dollars they are given;
  • Show contributors that their social investment is working – what’s their return on investment?
  • Ensure that people for whom the organization exists are receiving tangible benefits;
  • Help understand delivery of programs and staffing needs from a management perspective.

This certificate is designed to equip program managers and staff, evaluation specialists, development officers, operations managers and marketing professionals with everything they need to evaluate and communicate their program impact.


  • The basics of social impact measurement and why it's important to measure your work
  • Creating a theory of change and logic models
  • How to collect data
  • Quantitative research: surveys, research methods, interviews and case studies
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Using measurement and evaluation data for program improvement

Format and cost

The certificate is offered in a convenient eight-week online format.

Certificate cost

With Early Bird discount: $799

Without discounts: $855


Title Program date Course delivery Qualifies for certificate(s)
Social Impact Measurement Certificate (June 2024) - Online hybrid (asynchronous with Zoom sessions) Social Impact Measurement Certificate
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