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Encore Fellowship

Put your skills to work

As an Encore Fellow, you could receive a 6- to 12-month opportunity and a modest stipend to put your skills to work in a nonprofit organization.

We’re looking for highly skilled, experienced professionals ready to transition from primary careers in the for-profit sector and make a significant impact for nonprofit organizations in need of their talent.

The Encore Fellow concept was launched in Silicon Valley in 2009 by Civic Ventures. Experience Matters has pioneered the program’s expansion in Maricopa County in association with Cogenerate (formerly Encore.org) and the Encore Fellowship Network.

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Is the Encore Fellow program right for you?

Encore Fellows deliver a high value-to-cost ratio for work hosts by bringing experienced, affordable talent to a specific assignment matched to the fellow’s skills and interests. Many become role models for other staff members and evolve into executive coaches and mentors within the organization.

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The first step is to complete your Experience Profile now. Once we receive your information, we’ll contact you with the next steps to apply for an Encore Fellowship.

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