How to Start a Nonprofit Organization

For a quick introduction to starting a nonprofit, read our overview on the Ask the Nonprofit Specialists page. Then, when you're ready to start an organization, this module is your next step.

How to Start a Nonprofit Organization

Module 1: Are You Ready to Start a Nonprofit?
15-minute online assessment - Free

Before starting a nonprofit organization, this module will help you assess your readiness to carry out important tasks and build a community of support. As you answer the questions, you are beginning the process of making informed decisions about whether starting a nonprofit organization is the appropriate choice for what you want to accomplish. After submitting your answers, you will be given an opportunity to print out your responses and suggestions about your next possible step. You can take this assessment any time by clicking on Module 1 above.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Cynthia Thiede, Director of Professional Development Education at (602) 496-1061 or Cynthia.Thiede@asu.edu