• November 23, 2020 workshop on scenario building and contingency planning

    Scenario Building and Contingency Planning Workshop

    Building potential scenarios and backup plans can give staff leaders, boards and funders the confidence needed to press on and continue to deliver the programs our communities need. The ASU Lodestar Center hosted this workshop on November 23.


Conferences and Forums

Our annual convenings and periodic conferences are designed to stimulate thought about best practices of nonprofit leadership and management, to provide high-level training from leading authorities around contemporary issues facing the nonprofit sector, and to share the latest research findings about the sector.

Scenario Building and Contingency Planning Workshop

On November 23, 2020, this online workshop addressed guiding principles for successful scenario planning processes, participatory processes, questions to consider when accounting for key revenue and expense drivers , and more. This continued our series with Fiscal Management Associates from the 28th Annual Nonprofit Conference on Sustainability Strategies.

28th Annual Nonprofit Conference on Sustainability Strategies

Our 28th annual convening was October 28, 2020, with a virtual format. Nonprofit organizations are powered by people. It's more imperative than ever that we attract, develop and retain the talent and nimble leadership, both volunteers and paid staff, needed to fulfill our missions through times of disruption.

21st Annual Forum on Nonprofit Effectiveness

Our 21st annual forum in Tucson was canceled due to COVID-19. The annual forum provides a setting for the exchange of ideas, where an array of influential and thought-provoking speakers address cutting-edge issues that affect all nonprofits.

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