Scope of the Arizona Nonprofit Sector

Grantmaking, giving and volunteering

Get the latest research and data on the charitable giving and volunteering of Arizona residents, including how much and where Arizonans contribute, the number of volunteer hours donated and the value of contributed time.


Arizona-based grantmakersArizona is home to approximately 1,231 active grantmakers, organizations that make grants to other organizations (or individuals) as a key aspect of their charitable mission. The largest grantmaker in grant dollars given in 2018 was Valley of the Sun United Way, which is a public charity. Virginia Piper Trust is the largest private foundation in grants given in Arizona and in 2018 it ranked 9th in grants given.

You'll find more information on our Grantmakers page.

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total estimated charitable givingTotal charitable giving in Arizona for 2010 was an estimated $3.6 billion.

Total charitable giving includes giving from individuals, foundations and corporations.

The vast majority - 85 percent - comes from individuals.

You'll find more information about charitable giving, including donor motivations, on our Giving page.

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total estimated value of volunteer labor in 2017Individuals contribute to their communities in ways that go beyond monetary donations, including volunteering their time to a wide array of causes.

Volunteers provided an estimated $3.8 billion worth of services in 2017.

Find out more about volunteering in Arizona in our Volunteering Report.

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