Nonprofit Leadership Alliance students return from 2019 Alliance Management Institute conference

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance students return from 2019 Alliance Management Institute conference

AMI group photo

January 8, 2019 (Orlando, Florida) – Students pursuing the Certified Nonprofit Professional Credential experienced the benefits of hard work in their fall fundraising campaign when they attended Envision, the 2019 Alliance Management Institute Conference (AMI), held by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance in Orlando, Florida. During the annual semester-long campaign, students apply fundraising techniques and learn the importance of seeing the bigger picture.

“After taking the NLM420 class and attending the Alliance Management Institute conference in Florida I have a better appreciation for donor stewardship and the importance of building and maintaining relationships,” said Magdelena Saucedo, President of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Student Association. “I have built relationships with fellow alumni who have gone to the Alliance Management Institute that have offered support and tips on how to best prepare attending an out-of-state conference. Overall, this experience has helped me to think critically, develop and maintain relationships and apply what I have learned in my degree program.”

The students raised $27,000 from 162 donors to send the 13-person delegation to Orlando. 

While attending the conference, the students attended workshops, keynotes, and engaged with students and nonprofit professionals from across the country. 

Bailey de la Torre, a senior in attendance reflected on the experience saying, "Attending the 2019 Alliance Management Institute was invaluable in bringing future certified nonprofit professionals up-to-speed on best practices and innovative strategies.”

She went on to think about the impact gatherings like these will have on the future of the sector.

“Overall, the conference was phenomenal and provided various forward-thinking insights and further developed connections amongst nonprofit leaders that will certainly lead to deep and meaningful change both in the community and the sector as a whole."

The Certified Nonprofit Professional credential is open to students across any major at ASU. McKenna Rodham, a Public Service and Public Policy Major, led the students during their annual campaign.

“Since the nonprofit sector is constantly changing and continuing to grow – new thoughts and ideas are being presented each and every day," she said. "The keynote speakers Vu Le, Ane Mei Chang and Mike Surbaugh all had such amazing ideas about the sector that I haven’t had a chance to explore yet in my education. This led me to reflect on my life and set goals for 2019. I think AMI was a great way to kick off 2019 and I can’t wait to keep growing and learning!”