NMI Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the ASU Lodestar Center's Nonprofit Management Institute (NMI) and the certificates it offers? This FAQ provides answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your questions, you can contact us at 602.496.0500 or email nmi@asu.edu.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: 

The ASU Lodestar Center offers flexible and accommodating learning opportunities.  The planning process for each course is complex and time-consuming; consequently, we have adopted the following policy regarding the cancellation of attendance at a course by participants.

Cancellation Date Amount of Refund
20 business days from the course start date Registration fee less $35 transaction fee
10-19 business days from the course start date Refund of 50%
0-9 business days from the course start date Not eligible for a refund. The course/certificate fee is forfeited.

ASU Lodestar Center regrets that we cannot transfer you to another class.  If you want to change classes, please complete the cancellation process and register for the new course you wish to take.If you cannot attend an in-person course due to unforeseen circumstances, we encourage you to find a replacement within your organization.  Please inform us at nmi@asu.edu if this is the case.  

NOTE:  there are no refunds for no-shows. For online courses, individuals who have not logged into Canvas or contacted ASU Lodestar Center personnel by the end of the first session will be considered a no-show.  

You may submit a grievance or a cancel request to nmi@asu.edu.  This request will be subject to the same cancelation terms shown in the table above.

How much will a certificate from the ASU Lodestar Center's Nonprofit Management Institute (NMI) cost me?

  • As an incentive to graduate, NMI will offer the last class of the Nonprofit Management Certificate FREE! Please contact nmi@asu.edu to request your free class.  Participants must be able to prove they have completed all classes within a three-year period.   Each of the eight courses required for the Nonprofit Management Certificate costs $349, for a total of $2443 for the entire certificate (includes free course).  Participants have the opportunity to sign up for each class at the early bird cost of $315 for a total of $2205 for the entire certificate (includes free course).    
  • The Grant Development – State and Foundation Proposal Certificate costs $1050. You can enroll early for a total cost of $999.  Advanced Grant Development – Federal Proposal Certificate costs $1175.  You can enroll early for a total cost of $1050.
  • Social Impact Measurement Certificate is 8 weeks long and costs $749.  Early Bird cost $699.
  • The Certificate in Nonprofit Executive Leadership courses cannot be purchased individually and is a total of $3,279 for the entire certificate.

Are these courses academic units at ASU?

  • No. All courses offered by the Nonprofit Management Institute are considered to be professional development credits that help students expand and flourish in their current roles in the nonprofit industry.

Are there prerequisite requirements to register in NMI courses and certificates?  Do I need a college degree to take NMI courses?   

  • There are no prerequisites for NMI courses, however, some certificates require advanced skillsets & or some community connections in the nonprofit sector before taking.  All other NMI courses are available to all skill sets, including those who are unemployed, employed in the nonprofit sector, not employed in the nonprofit sector, those wanting to make a career change. 

The following certificates require prerequisite requirements: 

  • Grant Development - State and Foundation Proposals Certificate:  Participants must pre-identify a nonprofit organization for which they will be writing a proposal.
  • Advanced Grant Development – Federal Proposal Certificate:  Participants must pre-identify a nonprofit organization for which they will be writing a proposal. Participants signing up for this certificate must have advanced writing skills and previous experience in writing both state and foundation grant proposals. See Details HERE 
  • The executive leadership certificate is specifically designed for the unique needs of senior-level nonprofit leaders and emerging executives of nonprofits and public organizations.  This certificate teaches the tools, perspectives, and frameworks necessary to achieve your institutional missions and create a greater impact on your organization.  At a minimum, it is helpful if participants have several years of professional or management experience within the nonprofit sector.

Are scholarships or financial aid offered?

  • Scholarships and financial aid are not offered for our programs as these are considered to be professional development courses.

Do I receive grades for the work that I complete?

  • No. Each student will receive a "pass" or "no pass". In order to successfully pass the course, you must register, pay, attend the stated hours and participate in the class discussions.  All class activities must also be completed during the course. If you attend only part of the course, you will not receive a pass for the course. Participants receive certificates of completion upon successful completion of the course.

What is Academic Integrity at Arizona State University (ASU)?

  • The Nonprofit Management Institute is fully committed to upholding Arizona State University's culture of academic integrity.  Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated in any NMI course or certificate.  For a full description, Academic Integrity at Arizona State University CLICK HERE.   

How long can I take to complete my full certificate?

  • Students have a total of three years from initial registration in the program to meet all of their certificate requirements.  This only applies to students who are buying their courses a la carte.  Students who purchase their courses in the certificate packages are locked into the dates they choose in their registration.   

Registration deadline for online courses.

It is recommended that you register for a course as soon as possible, to avoid the course being closed. Many courses offer a discount if registered more than two weeks prior.

  • All ONLINE users must register 3 business days prior to the course start date.  Most online courses start on a Monday, the last day to register is the Wednesday prior.  Online courses require an ASURITE ID (username for Canvas) to participate in the course.  All registrations links will collect information to either create an ASURITE ID or search for an already existing ID.  There will be no late enrollments for users without a working ASURITE ID and password.      

How do I register for a course?

  • To register for a course, visit our online registration page, and use the filters at the top of the page to determine the course you would like to take. You can filter by "Course Delivery/Region", "Course Title", and "Certificate Program". You can then pay by credit card via the site. If you need to submit a check, please select that option on the checkout screen.

Which courses can I take online?

  • All certificates may be taken online at this time, except for the Nonprofit Executive Leadership program. This program has six courses and a Capstone course that are held in the face to face format on Fridays over a span of five months.

What are the technical requirements for taking a course online?

  • In your online course, you will need access to Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Adobe Reader 8 or higher, and Adobe Flash Player.  Online courses also require the creation of an ASURITE ID and password to access ASU Canvas.  The registration process will generate the creation of an ASURITE ID.   

Where and when are the courses?

  • Online Courses
    • Online courses last for two weeks, starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday. Participants should plan to spend about 15-20 hours towards a two-week course.  Online courses can be accessed any time of day through the online platform ASU Canvas. 
  • Face to Face Courses
    • Face to Face courses are held in the Phoenix Metro at the ASU Lodestar Center in Downtown Phoenix. The address is University Center 411 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85004. The classroom number will be in the course registration link.  
    • Courses are held on Thursdays and Fridays and last from 9:00am to 5:00pm with an hour for lunch each day.

How long will it take me to earn my full certificate?

  • The Nonprofit Management Certificate (8 courses) can take anywhere from six to twelve months depending on which delivery method(s) you select.
    The Nonprofit Operations and Program Impact Certificate (4 courses) can take from three to six months depending on delivery. 
    The Fundraising and Sustainable Financial Management Certificate (4 courses) can take from three to six months depending on delivery. 
  • The Nonprofit Marketing and Strategic Communications Certificate (4 courses) can take from three to six months depending on delivery. 
  • The Grant Development and Proposal Writing Certificates will take you 6 weeks to complete the Grant Development: State and Foundation Proposals certificate and 7 weeks to complete the Advanced Grant Development: Federal Proposals certificate.
  • The Social Impact Measurement Certificate is 8 weeks long.
  • The Certificate in Nonprofit Executive Leadership (7 courses) takes 6 months to complete.

Do I have to take the courses in a specific order?

  • The Nonprofit Management Certificate, Nonprofit Operations & Program Impact, Fundraising & Sustainable Financial Management, and the Nonprofit Marketing and Strategic Communications Certificate, allow you to take all the courses in any order. The remaining certificate programs must be taken in the order they are listed.

Do I need to take all of the courses in a certificate program?

  • To earn a full certificate, you must complete all of the courses in any given certificate program. If you only want to take courses that interest you, you may still do so. The only exception is the Nonprofit Executive Leadership Program. You must register for all 7 courses as it is a cohort format.

Is there a graduation ceremony or reception for the certificate programs?

  • Yes! In the spring, the Lodestar Center hosts a graduation ceremony and reception. The Nonprofit Management Certificate and Executive Leadership Certificate are recognized at this event. Certificates are then mailed after the ceremony.

How do the online courses work?

  • We host our online courses on ASU Canvas, they require active participation. Each online course is divided into four or five sections with their own activities, readings assignments, and discussion question (DQ) boards. There is no set time to log in at, however, activities and DQ's will have due dates. Participants need to log into ASU Canvas to make sure they complete the assignments and stay on track. 
  • In order to participate in your online course, you will need an active ASURITE ID and working password. This will be your username/login for ASU Canvas. When you register for an online course you will be prompted to fill out the appropriate information so Lodestar Center staff can either find your ASURITE ID (ASU alumni, for example) or create a new one.   
  • Please note that the ASU Lodestar Center is no longer using ASU Continuing Education. 


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