29th Annual Nonprofit Conference on Sustainability Strategies

Conference advertisement, including the date, time, and purpose (building inclusive teams and shatterproof organizations).

October 28, 2021, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Virtual | $29 Fee waived thanks to sponsor support

Inclusive teams are high-performing teams. Researchers, from the Harvard Business Review to McKinsey, have found that diverse organizations are more innovative, make better decisions and outperform more homogenous organizations. Content partner Mint Lemonade helped participants understand their narratives and identities and the power of different experiences to build an "effective collective" culture.

With a focus on how various aspects of our identities can be empowering or oppressing, the convening helped participants embrace their stories and narratives while looking at how they affect all of us as professionals.

By understanding personal and unique experiences through the lens of hopes, fears and identity awareness, participants worked to disrupt the idea of perfectionism, comparison and not being good enough—often referred to as "impostor syndrome." Through a series of activities, participants learned about collective team identities and the role they play in leadership, service and team dynamics. Build community across differences, collaborate with leaders across organizations, and develop inclusive teams.

The ASU Lodestar Center's 29th annual conference offered the solutions nonprofit or public organization need to stay relevant, impactful and sustainable. Thanks to sponsor support, this event was available free of charge.

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Effective Collective: Building teams through personal growth

With a focus on intersectional identities, the workshop helped participants embrace their stories and narratives while looking at how it affects participants as professionals. Through a series of activities, participants understood collective team identities and the role they play in leadership, service and team dynamics. Participants learned how to build community across difference and collaborate with leaders across various organizations.

Key goals

  • Understanding Your Narrative: Understanding personal and unique experience through hopes and fears and identity awareness. Work to disrupt the idea of perfectionism, comparison, and not belonging/being good enough.
  • Understanding Identities: Learning from the narratives of others to understand how visible and hidden identities play out in every day team and organizational dynamics.
  • Building Community Across Difference: Learning how to create authentic communities through vulnerable leadership.

About the presenters

Mint Lemonade is a personal growth company that empowers and inspires individuals with diverse identities by supporting their self development.

Founded by Monica Hanna and Dr. Markeith Royster, Mint Lemonade supports education, growth and innovation through workshops & trainings. The popular phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is indicative of transitioning from a deficit to a positive outcome. At Mint Lemonade, we take it to the next level - introducing a fresh perspective to tackling life’s greatest challenges and overcoming roadblocks in order to become our best selves.

About our convenings

For nearly 30 years, the ASU Lodestar Center's annual conference has brought together hundreds of nonprofit professionals to learn from nationally recognized leaders in the sector, to exchange ideas and to gain valuable capacity-building tools. This year's highly anticipated convening will be no different.

Anyone who works for or with a nonprofit/community organization will benefit from the fresh insights on the sector's key challenges and the connections with fellow nonprofit practitioners and stakeholders.

Contact us

Questions? Please contact Phil Bencomo at phil.bencomo@asu.edu or call (602) 496-0500.