How to Access Your Online Course

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Most online learning delivered by our program is accessed using a single username and password, called your ASURITE ID. If you do not have an ASURITE ID, follow the steps below:

How to activate your ASURITE ID

  1. One week prior to your course, you will receive an email with your ASURITE ID and an activation code. You may then activate your ASURITE ID using this information at https://www.asu.edu/asurite immediately to take advantage of these services.
  2. Next, visit https://canvas.asu.edu/ and login using your new ASURITE ID. Please note that this link is slightly different than the MYASU homepage.  There will be an invitation to join the class once you log in.  You may also check your preferred email with ASU to accept the invitation to join the class.       

If you are having trouble signing into your account, please contact the ASU Service Center to activate your ASU Blackboard account. 

If you have been affiliated with ASU in the past, you might already have an ASURITE ID on file. If you do not know your past ASURITE ID, that’s okay; please fill out the correct information in the registration link accordingly to allow NMI staff to find that information on file. You will likely need to re-activate your ASURITE ID by calling the ASU HELP DESK and resetting your password and updating your information.

For any questions, please contact Julie Huffman at julie.huffman@asu.edu.


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