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Capacity Support Services


The Lodestar Center contracts with nonprofit organizations having specific capacity-building challenges who need customized, individual support.  Our highly trained experts assist organizations with problem-solving around sustainability and related issues.  The following topics are among those the Center addresses:

    • Problems facing the organization
        • Specific staff-board relationships
        • Financial management concerns
        • The board and fundraising
        • Bylaws management
        • Policy development
        • Organization sustainability
    • Possible collaborations
    • Potential of mergers
    • Strategic planning
    • Volunteer management

Services are offered —

  1. On a limited basis to assist an organization through a specific issue/concern.
  2. In-person delivery utilizing adult education techniques.
  3. Video-conferencing format possible, if distance is an issue.

Services are offered on a negotiated basis.  Nonprofits wishing these services may need to complete the Principles of Effectiveness self-assessment.


For more information, call 602-496-0500 or email

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