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Effective, Motivated Board Governance - Facilitated Training


"The ASU Lodestar Center recently delivered its Effective, Motivated Board Governance Training as part of our annual Board Retreat, and it was a fantastic experience. In fact, it exceeded all my expectations. What we learned in just three short hours was incredibly helpful to our Board of Directors. The facilitator asked the right questions which led to real learning and developing effective solutions. I highly recommend this training and I look forward to putting what we learned to use."

--Mike Hughes, President, Arizona School Boards Association

Accountability to the Community

Developing organizational capacity lies at the core of the Center's mission. The Center recognizes that board governance is key to a nonprofit organization's ability to develop its capacity and achieve its mission. Experts at the ASU Lodestar Center continually explore the best techniques for developing knowledgeable and well-prepared boards and board members.

The Center's Board Governance program is an effective tool in augmenting the knowledge of those who are experienced board members, as well as those who are new to board service.

The training curriculum is based on the latest academic research coupled with the best practitioner standards. By strengthening the knowledge and skills of individual board members and whole boards alike, nonprofit organizations are better equipped to deal with the challenges they face and develop resources more effectively.

Project Modules

The Center's board governance training is focused around 10 powerful project modules, which include:

  • Board Imperatives: Philosophical, ethical and legal issues; effectiveness
  • Board-Staff Relationships: Executive Director/CEO-Chair dynamics and role definitions
  • Board Organization: Committees & Task Forces; organizing for action
  • Board Development: Recruiting and maintaining involved board members
  • Strategic Planning: The future of the organization; community impact
  • Financial Management: Understanding financials and budgeting responsibilities
  • Resource Development: Diverse income streams, fundraising leadership
  • Advocacy-Lobbying: The Board's role in policy on government relations
  • Community Liaison: Communication to and from the community
  • The Ever-Changing Scene: Understanding external pressures & regulatory issues

This Training consists of a full-day presentation which covers all ten of the project modules. Additionally, there are alternative delivery formats available. The material can be customized and each respective module can be addressed in greater specificity in a seminar fashion.

This board governance training is geared to several specific markets. For example, this training can be tailored to serve:

  • boards of directors
  • chief executive officers
  • potential board volunteers
  • corporations
  • small businesses
  • civic organizations
  • other groups that would like to have their employees and/or members trained to be effective community leaders through service as board members.


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