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Nonprofit Capacity Building

The quality of life in communities is enhanced by the presence of a strong, vibrant nonprofit sector. Nonprofit organizations provide essential services to those in need, as well as improving education, arts, culture and environmental stewardship, to name a few. In order to fill these important roles, nonprofit organizations must be efficient and effective. Building the capacity of nonprofit organizations builds the capacity of sustainable communities.

The ASU Lodestar Center is a key resource for nonprofits to better meet their mission through increased leadership and management effectiveness. Helping nonprofit leaders, staff, and volunteers gain the skills they need to thrive in today's competitive environment is the focus of the Center's nonprofit capacity building activities. Below is a list of several key programs and tools the ASU Lodestar Center provides in order to build the capacity of the sector.



Ask the nonprofit Specialists – Do you have questions about starting, governing, managing or operating a nonprofit organization?

Our specialists have helped numerous nonprofit organizations and individuals with many issues... from getting started, to funding, to taxes, and more.


The Lodestar Center’s Capacity Support Services provides facilitation and problem-solving support for nonprofit organizations.  It focuses on the increasing need for problem-solving around sustainability and related issues.



Principles of Effectiveness for Nonprofit Organizations - A tool that helps nonprofits assess their organization's strengths and weaknesses and create a plan to address what training they need. It provides a roadmap that leads to a more effective nonprofit organization. It's simply building the capacity of organizations through self-examination.



Effective, Motivated Board Governance Training - One of the issues most identified by nonprofit leaders as of greatest concern for the future of their organization and the sector is board governance. Our training is designed to bring the best of research and practice together to explore what effective board practice means and how such leadership is achieved successfully.



The Arizona Grants Access Tool and Experts Source (AzGATES) caters specifically to Arizona residents, communities, and organizations by providing the most relevant funding opportunities possible through timely e-mail alerts.

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