Karyn P. Grant

Karyn P.

Karyn Grant
Executive Coach
American Express Leadership Academy

Karyn Grant is a passionate ICF credentialed executive coach and consultant. Her clients reach new levels of success with the help of her energizing coaching and direct business experience. Karyn’s fearless approach to breaking away from the ordinary inspires those with whom she works with to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Karyn has delivered outstanding business results for over 30 years. She led domestic and international multidisciplinary teams in strategic sales, market development and new solution design while Hewlett-Packard Medical, as well as early-stage companies. She leveraged technology for mission critical solutions in healthcare and other business environments. Karyn developed consultative relationships with executive leadership at large corporations and integrated health systems. Physician leadership relationships were essential.

As a leader in two early stage healthcare technology companies, Karyn led teams to develop solutions targeted at improving the process and outcomes for patient care in a manner that significantly enhanced profitability. Thinking creatively and developing solutions that focused first on clinical needs led to quick adoption and transition from pre-revenue to profitability. Strategic partnerships crafted early in the development process ensured successful market growth.

While Board Chair of a nonprofit raising funds for local, early stage cancer research, Karyn led a team that rebranded and re-energized a tiring 20-year-old all-volunteer effort. As a result of their efforts, revenue doubled, participation increased, and new strategic partners were engaged.

A key factor in Karyn’s success has been team development, including thought leaders and strategic partners. She believes that a diverse group of energized, engaged people at all levels is a critical strategic advantage and leads to enhanced growth and profitability.

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