Laurie Battaglia

Laurie D.

Laurie Battaglia
NMI Instructor
Nonprofit Management Institute

Thought Leader, Author, Speaker, and Transformer of people, cultures and workplaces, Laurie Battaglia is CEO of Aligned at Work® in Scottsdale, AZ. Having spent 35+ years developing people in corporate environments, Laurie discovered ways to engage team members, build trust quickly, and align them with goals to create happy and high performing workplaces.

Laurie is the creator of the Aligned at Work® Model, which combines the Success Factors of Vocation, Relationships, Finances, Wellbeing, and Spirit into an integrated work/life model that brings humanity back to the workplace. She identified these factors in the thousands of leaders and team members with whom she worked as a leadership and organization development expert in the field of banking and finance. Her book “Aligned Workplaces: Integrating Life and Work – A Practical Guide for Leaders and Teams” walks team members through the model, then provides helpful Team Leader Guides for running meetings about the 5 Success Factors. 

Her company, Aligned at Work®, helps leaders solve people problems before they become profit problems. 

Laurie spent the last half of her 35+ year corporate career working for some of the nation’s largest investment and banking companies. Most recently, she was Vice President for Wells Fargo in Phoenix, where she managed multiple teams of Learning and Development and Communications Professionals. Laurie is a former leadership development facilitator for Vanguard, the nation’s largest mutual fund company.  

Laurie has an MS in Organizational Development and Leadership from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and a BS in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University in PA. 

A popular speaker for keynotes and workshops, Laurie speaks on workplace and leadership topics. 

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