NMI courses

NMI 102 - Maximizing Human Potential in Nonprofits (Phoenix) April 2018

This course will provide participants with a foundation for human resource management, including complying with federal and state employment laws and compensation systems. In addition, you will learn practical and lawful strategies to develop human resource policies and job descriptions, retention strategies, and appropriate staffing structures.

Your Volunteers Rock! Now Keep Them Coming Back! (Tucson 2017)

Valuing an important asset: Volunteers.  People, whether they are employees or volunteers, are the life-force of any nonprofit organization. This training session will provide tools for developing job descriptions, recruiting/hiring, orienting, training, evaluating and coaching the performance of employees and volunteers. Special emphasis will be placed on communication, motivation and recognizing volunteer and employee efforts including appreciation and celebration.

NMI 143: Demystifying Conflict

In this course, participants develop strategies to overcome internal and external conflict. Course topics examine the nature of conflict, including the influence of personality types, management styles, and communication best practices to establish a foundational basis for generating effective conflict resolution strategies.

NMI 142: Communicating with Purpose

NMI 142: Communicating with Purpose

In this course, participants examine the topic of communication and its influence on the recipient. Participants review foundational communication concepts and explore additional topics including, verbal vs. nonverbal communication, communication style, self-awareness, and listening to advance their knowledge and ability to engage in purposeful communication



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