NMI courses

NMI 112 - Emerging Marketing and Social Media Strategies (Online) May 2020

This ​course ​will ​provide ​principles ​and ​practices ​for ​marketing ​your ​nonprofit ​organization. ​You ​will ​also ​learn ​current ​strategies ​and ​techniques ​for ​successfully ​positioning ​your ​organization ​and ​developing ​a ​marketing ​plan ​that ​includes ​social ​media ​marketing ​strategies. 

Early bird special: $315. Early bird pricing ends two weeks prior to course start date.


Advanced Grant Development – Federal Proposal Certificate (Online) Fall 2020

This fast-paced and intensive seven-week Advanced Grant Development: Federal Proposals Certificate, is a leader in national programs. Offering a unique full-cycle grant writing experience, this certificate is designed to provide you with the resources, expert-guided practice, and mentorship to produce a highly competitive federal grant proposal. You will learn how to work with grants.gov; package a final grant submission; as well as manage a federal grant once awarded.

Grant Development - State and Foundation Proposals Certificate (Online) Summer 2020

In this six-week certificate, you will explore, discuss, and apply fundamental concepts to enhance your knowledge and preparation of and for the rigors of state and foundation grant proposals. You will write and submit a grant proposal for a designated nonprofit of your choice as a practical assignment for your successful course completion. This course is facilitated by a grant writing professional who will expertly review your submission. 

NMI 103 - Effective Financial Management Principles (Online) October 2020

In this course, participants will learn basic accounting principles and how to interpret and manage financial statements for a nonprofit organization. In addition, you will also learn the difference between accrual and cash basis accounting, and the importance of internal controls to protect the assets of your organization. Finally, you will learn how to analyze and use tax form 990, along with your organization’s annual report, as public relations tools.

Grant Development - State and Foundation Proposals Certificate (Online) Spring 2020

An introductory certificate, the Grant Development - State and Foundation Proposals Certificate is designed for individuals who wish to begin writing grant proposals for their organization. This is a fast-paced and intensive course.  This certificate will increase your confidence to secure grant funding by learning how to develop a conceptual framework for seeking grant funding that aligns with perspectives and priorities unique to each funder, instilling confidence in your organization’s ability to facilitate a proposed project.