NMI courses

NMI 103 - Effective Financial Management Principles September 2021

In this course, participants will learn basic accounting principles and how to interpret and manage financial statements for a nonprofit organization. In addition, you will also learn the difference between accrual and cash basis accounting, and the importance of internal controls to protect the assets of your organization. Finally, you will learn how to analyze and use tax form 990, along with your organization’s annual report, as public relations tools.

Nonprofit Management Certificate

This certificate program is designed to meet the needs of today’s busy, nonprofit professional. Experts in nonprofit organization structure, management and governance provide engaging, practice-oriented learning experiences that focus on best practices, and proven methods, skills and techniques that can immediately be implemented in your nonprofit organization.

NMI 108 - Analyzing for Program Impact June 2021

Doing good works is no longer enough. In today’s environment of growing demand, competing priorities, and shrinking resources, a leader needs to ensure that the organization is having the desired impact.

Decisions about where and how to focus resources so that the desired impact is created must be grounded in evaluation of the organization’s strategies and programs. This course covers the design and implementation of an evaluation system that produces valid, credible and useful information that can be used to assess an organization’s impact.

NMI 105 - High Impact Leadership Nov 2021

In this course, participants will be introduced to current models of leadership and seven core leadership competencies. By using a self-analysis tool, you will be able to identify your leadership strengths and core values. In addition, you will also learn methods for building internal and external relationships and applying those skills to a business setting. Finally, you will also develop a leadership action plan for achieving personal and organizational impact.

NMI 144 - Becoming a Champion of Change (Online Hybrid) May 2021

In this course, participants evaluate the topic of change to advance their capacity to overcome obstacles and effectively champion and implement moments of change within their organization.

Participants study and discuss underlying motivations for change and the role it has in organizational structure and function. Participants will examine established models and methodologies designed to implement change management strategies within their organization.

NMI 142 - Communicating with Purpose (Online) Sept 2021

In this course, participants examine the topic of communication and its influence on the recipient. Participants review foundational communication concepts and explore additional topics including, verbal vs. nonverbal communication, communication style, self-awareness, and listening to advance their knowledge and ability to engage in purposeful communication.

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NMI 111 - Impactful Board Governance March 2021

This course provides a comprehensive overview of board governance, which includes the core roles and responsibilities of board members, as well as the board’s relationship to the CEO and staff. Participants learn how to develop effective, motivated board members who are accountable for the organization’s assets, committed to develop a diversified resource base, and motivated to champion the organization among various stakeholders.

Delivery method: Asynchronous Online with synchronous Zoom Classes: