Public Allies Partner Organizations

Do you have a project that you would love to implement, but lack the staff capacity or other resources to bring it off the shelf? Or maybe you have a program that would benefit from an innovative and enthusiastic young leader...

Public Allies Arizona will place talented, diverse young adults in full-time service to nonprofits across the community. These nonprofits, called Partner Organizations, are chosen based on their ability to provide the Ally with significant work experience, as well as their need for an innovative young leader who can help them take on a project they otherwise could not afford or infuse energy into an existing project.


To be considered as a Partner Organization, your organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Support the mission of Public Allies Arizona by making a commitment to developing, mentoring, and encouraging the growth of a young person in the nonprofit sector.
  • Be a nonprofit organization, foundation, public school, or public agency committed to working to improve the communities in which Public Allies Arizona operates. Allies may engage in a wide range of important job functions that add value to selected organizations, but they are prohibited from delivering service that directly benefits businesses and from engaging in lobbying and political advocacy on Public Allies/AmeriCorps time. 501(c)4 organizations that participate in lobbying or advocacy cannot host Public Allies.
  • In Arizona, Partner Organizations will agree to utilize the Ally in one of three focus areas: (1) Education, (2) Healthy Futures or (3) Economic Opportunity to support family and community stability.
    • Within the three impact areas, Allies may serve in program development, outreach, technology use and volunteer management.
  • Have the ability to pay a percentage of an Ally's stipend (based on your organization's budget) plus FICA and Worker's Compensation.
  • Provide adequate office space (a desk, computer, and telephone) and a direct service position description with a clear measurable service impact.
  • Designate one supervisor with whom an Ally would work with day-to-day and who would work closely with the Public Allies staff and attend scheduled meetings.
  • Provide at least 1,400 hours worth of capacity building opportunities over the ten-month period.
  • Have the ability to evaluate and measure the impact an Ally has on the community through his/her service.
  • Support an Ally in meeting graduation requirements and the goals outlined in the "Position Description."
  • Provide a quality mentor-mentee relationship for an Ally.
  • Complete an application, and participate in the interview, selection, and matching processes.


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If you'd like additional information, fill out an interest form, call (602) 496-0500 or email publicallies@asu.edu.

Testimonials from Partner Organizations

Lori Tapia

Chandler Christian Community Center, supervisor since 2012

“I have had the opportunity and privilege to work alongside Allies for the past 5 years at Chandler Christian Community Center. This 10 month journey each year, although the matching process adds another two, is an exciting time for me. To be a formational partner with these upcoming leaders as they struggles, celebrate, grow and very often surprise you from week to week, is a humbling and very rewarding experience. There is the very familiar analogy of the diamond in the rough and this fits so perfectly with those who accept the challenge of Public Allies. All of my allies will tell you that I have sat with them at the luncheon before placements and have said straight out, “your life does not belong to you for the next 10 months, you fully belong to Public Allies and it will be very hard, very demanding and very rewarding at the same time.” I then proceed to remind them that I am not a micro-manager, yet.... will walk with, teach, coach, support and challenge them to grow in the areas they identify, help them to fulfill goals they establish and let them know consistently that they are more than they imagine, have more to give and can be more always.”

Gina Griffiths

STARS, supervisor since 2012

“We have had so many amazing allies since STARS has been part of the program (I’m not sure when STARS started). We’ve had great people working in different program areas throughout the years. The first year that I was a supervisor, Claudia Lopez came to STARS and worked with me to help launch our Transitions Program. Starting a new program from scratch is a tremendous amount of work. Claudia helped me to create outreach activities and then we implemented them (we made amazing dream catchers with students – so meaningful!). She helped us to expand the program curriculum and left us with a tremendous bank of resources and activities. And she helped to grow the program. During our first summer we served 6 youth. Last summer we served 49! The Transitions Program is an integral part of the community now, helping kids with disabilities prepare for life after high school. Claudia helped build the foundation that supports all that we do today. Allies has an amazing impact!”

Soilo Felix

Be a Leader Foundation, supervisor since 2012

“The Be A Leader Foundation has been a proud Public Allies partner organization since 2012. Not only have we been proud to serve as partner organization but also as mentors to burgeoning non-profit professionals. Public Allies has provided us with quality team members that played key operational roles in our organization (Volunteer Coordinator and Program Analyst) for the past 4 years. The program has helped us build operational capacity as well as improve processes for many of our programs and systems. As a relatively young organization, the support that Public Allies has provided us has been instrumental in our growth and ability to serve more students and families more efficiently and effectively.”

Amy Schwabenlender

Valley of the Sun United Way, supervisor since 2006

“Valley of the Sun United Way has been a proud partner organization with Public Allies since the inception at ASU. We have consistently enjoyed providing placements for ‘nonprofit apprentices’ who have helped us to move our community impact agenda forward, while teaching us as individuals and as an organization about building capacity of our programs, our people, and the nonprofit sector. We have hired Allies, coached and mentored them, and built friendships that continue today. Personally I am honored to have ongoing professional relationships with former Allies that are now out in the community continuing to live and demonstrate Public Allies values. It is inspiring to know that the Public Allies program is building a deep bench of nonprofit leadership for the Valley.”


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