Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) Online Program

Earn the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance’s exclusive Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential at Arizona State’s Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation. This national recognition provides the skills, knowledge and career connections needed to launch or fast-track a nonprofit leadership career.

The ASU Lodestar Center is the preferred content provider and ASU is the only university in the country offering this unique experience in partnership with NLA.

Use your Segal AmeriCorps Educational Award

**NEW!**AmeriCorps participants can now use their Segal Education Award to become a Certified Nonprofit Professional through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

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Benefits of this program

  • Advance your career: CNPs are seven times more likely to rise to director level or higher.
  • Enhance your resume and online profile with digital badges and the CNP credential. 
  • Access to the Alliance’s employment matching system
  • Network with professionals nationwide who lead top social-impact organizations
  • Opportunity to apply for internship stipends 

Eligibility requirements

The CNP credential via the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance may only be awarded to those who hold a four-year degree, have 3 years of professional experience including one year in the nonprofit sector, and satisfactorily complete the program requirements. However, anyone may take the classes.

ASU CNP Credential schedule 

Register for individual courses by clicking on the course name, or enroll in the entire program by clicking the button below:

CNP 109 - Virtual Alliance Management Institute (2019 - TBA) Register with NLA

CNP 103 - Nonprofit Fundraising and Resource Development (7/15/2019 - 8/18/2019)

CNP 105 - Nonprofit Budgeting and Financial Management (8/26/2019 - 9/29/2019)

CNP 107 - Designing Nonprofit Programs for Long-Term Sustainability (10/7/2019- 11/10/2019)

CNP 106 - Nonprofit Governance and Volunteer Management (1/20/2020 to 2/23/2020)

CNP 102 - Nonprofit Marketing and Communications (3/9/2020 - 4/13/2020)

CNP 104 - Cultural Competency and Diversity (4/20/2020 - 5/24/2020)

CNP 108 - Nonprofit Trends and Innovation (6/1/2020 - 7/5/2020)

CNP 101 - Management and Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector (6/15/2020 to 7/19/2020)

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Program overview

To earn the CNP credential, five core requirements must be met:

1) Coursework: complete a minimum of eight required online courses with a short assessment at the end of each course. Students upload evidence of key skills through an online professional portfolio (required for CNP designation). You may choose to fast-track course completion by successfully completing a challenge exam.
2) Professional experience: A minimum of three years of full-time paid professional experience within past 10 years (or equivalent part-time employment). This is a prerequisite to enrolling in the CNP program. In addition, one of the following conditions must be met before the credential will be conferred (this requirement may be met during enrollment in the program):
a. One-year professional employment (or equivalent part-time) at a nonprofit organization; or
b. 300-hour proctored internship at a nonprofit organization*; or
c. Extensive, professional capacity volunteer experience with a nonprofit organization.

Students who completed a service-year experience at a nonprofit organization (AmeriCorps or other) within the past 10 years have satisfied the entire professional experience requirement.

*For those enrolled in the CNP program (with tuition paid), the Alliance will assist with your service-year or internship placement.

3) Leadership and service activities: Students participate in a minimum of one volunteer leadership/service activity at a nonprofit organization within the past five years (may also be completed during enrollment in the CNP program). Examples of qualifying activities include:
a. Serving on a board of directors for one year;
b. Long-term volunteer commitment (6+ months regular activity at the same organization);
c. Serving in a volunteer leadership role for one year (board committee, fundraising event, sorority or fraternity or other student association, civic organizations, political campaign, religious institution, political appointment, professional association, etc.);
d. Placement in a service-year program.
4) National conference: Students attend one Alliance Management Institute (virtual option available).
5) Bachelor's degree: Students must have a minimum of a baccalaureate degree to enroll in the CNP program. Students without a degree may take up to four courses (and earn up to four e-Certificates).

10 Core Competencies of the CNP Credential

  • 1) Foundations and management of the nonprofit sector
  • 2) Communication, marketing and public relations
  • 3) Cultural competency and diversity
  • 4) Financial resource development and management
  • 5) Legal and ethical decision-making
  • 6) Governance, leadership and advocacy
  • 7) Personal and professional development
  • 8) Program Development
  • 9) Volunteer and human resource management
  • 10) Future of the nonprofit sector          

Tuition/fees to earn the CNP Credential

Per course fee = $300 (note that students selecting this option must pay for the enrollment, credentialing and conference fees separately)

 All additional fees are charged to Nonprofit Leadership Alliance:

Enrollment fee = $25

Registration for Alliance Management Institute = $385 in-person conference / $200 virtual conference
Credentialing fee = $100  (Course listed as CNP 109)

Alliance workforce partners receive a 20% discount on tuition. To take advantage of this discount, indicate on the online registration form that you are currently employed by an Alliance workforce partner.

Use your Segal AmeriCorps Educational Award

AmeriCorps participants can now use their Segal Education Award to become a Certified Nonprofit Professional through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

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For additional information, visit the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance’s website, email the Alliance staff or call (816) 561-6415 ext. 116.


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