Kyah Recard: Presentations of Impact 2020

Kyah Recard: Presentations of Impact 2020

My name is Kyah Recard. I am the Program Specialist for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley for the 2019- 2020 Public Ally Cohort.

I am an 18-year-old full-time college freshman at Arizona State University studying Family and Human Development with an emphasis in Social Work. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, but have moved around more than 8 times throughout my life, so I am used to sudden change and fast-paced life. I began my journey with Public Allies before I was 18 because I wanted to implement my change on the world early in life and I knew I could do that with this program.

I was always on top of my stuff in high school. I applied to a handful of scholarships and applied for financial aid for months; when I did not receive anything that could help I went to my counselor for more guidance. She let me know that there was a program that helped implement people into the nonprofit world while giving them a stipend and a scholarship at the end. I was super enthused by this and decided to apply. The process was scary, I won’t lie. It was the first time I was talking to professionals about a potential career path that I would start, it was my first time getting a non-fast food restaurant interview, but everyone was so welcoming and warm. The moment I met Heather I knew that her and I were going to be getting along very well. We were laughing right away and talking about superheroes she didn’t even know of. Once my process was over I really just had to wait until I turned 18. My birthday was a little less than a week before the day I needed to be 18. I thought of it as a very close call of events that ended up being perfect.

I was then placed with Heather Budzien as a Program Specialist at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley (formerly called Of Metro Phoenix). With this position meant working both in and out of the Clubs to make sure that the programs being run were being executed the right way and everyone in the Club was benefitting from the program itself. While in this position the Clubs went through some pretty big changes; rebranding, combining with formerly East Valley, new building arrangements, different position titles, and so much more that I probably didn’t even realize. Because of these changes I had to take change as it came, I couldn’t let it overwhelm me or affect the way I was working. I was learning how to take things as they come and how to work in a fast speed environment. I was going into the Clubs and placing myself in a real position to help and it really helped me expand as an individual.

I have always done things for others rather than for myself. I joined Public Allies because I knew I needed to do something important in life to be able to provide for my family the way I had hoped to. I’m going to ASU in hopes to show my siblings that education is important and that they need to focus and try in school in order to get to where I am right now. I work as hard as I do in order to show my friends that I as well as them are capable of excellence and success and that I am trying my hardest to improve life just like them. I am in Public Allies to leave a positive effect on those that join me on my path to a better future.

Throughout Public Allies I have formed my own life path. I had to learn how to be an adult, how to work and go to school full time, and how to become myself. There were many challenges, even before COVID, but I always bounced back better than ever. I gained a sense of respect for myself for being able to handle so much at one time. There have been hard times, but that’s what makes the good ones even better. I have built long lasting friendships, partnerships, and opportunities. I have become independent, reliable, and ready for the future. That is what Public Allies did for me. Open doors to the future and close the ones to the past.