Grant Development & Proposal Writing Certificates format and cost


The certificates are offered in a convenient online course format. You should expect approximately 12-15 hours per week of coursework.

During both certificates, students will write their own grant proposal.  Each week of the course students will write and develop a portion of the proposal application they are working on.  This is a fast-paced and intensive course.  Students are required to keep up with weekly assignments BEFORE they can move on to the next section of the grant application.  Each section builds on to the next section. If students fall behind early on it is difficult for them to catch up.  This is a competency-based certificate, students must show competency in the courses key concepts in order to receive the certificate.

The Grant Development: State and Foundation Proposals certificate is a six-week course that takes you step-by-step through state and foundation proposals. Participants who successfully complete this certificate will receive a discount of 25% towards the next immediate Advanced Grant course.  

The Advanced Grant Development: Federal Proposals certificate is a seven-week course focuses on the federal proposal writing process.


$1,050 (Early Bird $999) for Grant Development: State and Foundation Proposals

$1,175 (Early Bird $1,050) for Advanced Grant Development: Federal Proposals


Type Deadline Amount
Late fee After registration has closed.  All online registrations close the Wednesday prior to the course start date at 4:00 pm.  Participants may request to register late with a fee.  Late registrations are not guaranteed.      $50 (non-refundable) 
Cancellation fee

Participants can cancel their registration up to one week (seven business days) prior to class start date with a $50 fee.  

No cancelation will be processed within 7 business days of the course start date.  No cancelation will be processed after the first day of the course start date or after the participant has accessed course material.  

$50 - seven business days prior to class start date. 



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