Grant Development & Proposal Writing Certificates courses/topics

Grant Development: State and Foundation Proposals

Topics in this certificate include: 

Foundations of Grant Development and Proposal Writing

This foundational course provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to engage in the grant funding application process. Course topics emphasize the importance of community context, ethical considerations, establishing a factual case, and responding to requirements established by grantors. Additionally, participants explore various funding tools and resources used by grant seekers during the professional development process.

Grant Development: Proposal Exploration

This intermediate-level course builds upon basic knowledge presented in the first two weeks and focuses on strategies of presentation style, messaging, cohesiveness, and tone. Course topics emphasize writing from the perspective of the funder, use of a grant development team and developing an accurate mid-level budget. Participants will create an intermediate level proposal using a Common Grant Application. Participants can also expect to gain a greater understanding of how funders review, rate, rank and award proposals.

Grant Development: Proposal Application and Grant Management

This advanced course explores state-level and large foundation grant opportunities and challenges the participant to advance their level of research, project design, evaluation plan and reporting mechanisms. More advanced budget exercises further advance the skills and knowledge required to develop multi-year budgets and complex in-kind support. Participants can expect to research, evaluate and revise some larger grant proposals using the information provided in the course.

Advanced Grant Development: Federal Proposals

This topic is only offered with Advanced Grant Development.

This specialist course provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to engage in the federal grant application process. Course topics include registration to become eligible applicants and federal vendors for services, review of federal expectations for applications, use of the website to search for and apply for federal funds, factoring legislative intent, and the skills and strategies employed to be competitive in seeking and securing large federal awards. The use of actual federal applications as models for review and subsequent revision activities enable participants to gain an understanding of the complexities and factors that influence federal funding allocation decisions.

Participants signing up for this certificate must have advanced writing skills and previous experience in writing both state and foundation grant proposals. The following counts as acceptable experience: taking a previous college-level course or professional development course focusing on writing state and foundation grant proposals; having prior experience with a nonprofit organization writing grant proposals for state and foundation grants is also acceptable.


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