Fundraising and Sustainable Financial Management Certificate Format and Cost


The Fundraising and Sustainable Financial Management Certificate is achieved by completing four individual two-week ASU Online Canvas courses, delivered in 14 days, approx. 20 - 25 hours total.

How it Works:

After registering for the Fundraising and Sustainable Financial Management Certificate, Nonprofit Management Institute staff will work to help you tailor a course schedule that ensures the most effective progress toward your full Certificate goal and that best fits your schedule. 

Individual certificates are awarded at the end of each course. Upon completion of all required courses, you will receive the full Fundraising and Sustainable Financial Management Certificate. Participants have a total of three years from initial registration to meet the full certificate requirements.

You may still register on a per course basis. Discounts will only apply with Early Bird registrations. Individual course prices are listed below. 


Fundraising and Sustainable Financial Management - Full Certificate 

  •  Includes all Early Bird discounts and graduation fees - $1260

Individual Courses: 

  • Regular Price - $349
  • Early Bird Pricing -  $315 (ends two-weeks prior to the course start date)

  The cost of the full certificate without discounts is $1396.