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CAE ApprovedAll of the courses in this certificate program can be applied to fulfilling the professional development requirements in earning or maintaining the Certified Association Executive credential. Learn more here.

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The Executive Leadership Certificate is supported in part by BeachFleischman PC.

The Executive Leadership Certificate, comprised of 7 courses (6 Topics and 1 Capstone Project), is delivered in two formats: online and in two half-day Zoom virtual classes per course (one Zoom class for the Capstone). 

March–October 2021; apply by Feb. 5, 2021  deadline extended to February 12, 2021!

This certificate is designed to meet the professional needs of senior-level managers and emerging executives of nonprofit and public organizations. The curriculum is designed in a cohort format to promote skill-building and peer networking among seasoned leaders. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a Nonprofit Executive Leadership Certificate from the ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation.

The instructional team for this certificate includes current and former CEOs and Executive Directors of nonprofit organizations, with extensive experience as change-making practitioners in the social sector. A combination of instructional practices and technological methodologies are used in this certificate to provide an engaging, practice-oriented learning environment that focuses on knowledge, skills and techniques that can be put to use immediately. 

Scholarships available

The ASU Lodestar Center thanks BeachFleischman PC for providing partial sponsorship of our Nonprofit Executive Leadership Certificate program. BeachFleischman is offering need-based scholarships up to $1,200 each to enroll as candidates in our renowned Executive Leadership program.


Participants enrolled in the Nonprofit Executive Leadership Certificate have access to the following:

  • A robust and broad network of established experts and cohort colleagues that share best-practices and offer guidance and support.
  • Current use of interactive, global technology systems, to create a distinctive adult learning environment that offers relevant curriculum providing participants with strong leadership skills.
  • Transformational learning tailored for experienced nonprofit leaders seeking to enhance the impact they have in their organizations and the community.
  • Immediate and accessible knowledge and tools that strengthen necessary skills, improve efficiency, and provide the ability to implement best practices of high-impact nonprofit organizations.
  • Peer-based, cohort learning that advances each participant’s ability to identify opportunities to collaborate and partner.
  • Reflective practices in an interactive learning environment.
  • No added travel time with a course structure that makes maximum use of your time and energy as a busy executive, while maintaining and building on your network of other nonprofit leaders.  


  • Learn from a professional instructional team. The knowledge specialists for each course are qualified executives in the nonprofit sector. Acquire knowledge from those with firsthand experience.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to being an expert in your field and build your credibility.
  • Increase and showcase your skills. Learn a new technology, branch out into a new area, and highlight your achievement through a capstone final project.
  • Open the doors of opportunity. Many organizations are asking candidates to list their certifications. Do you often skip this area? If so, you are missing out on a key element that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Who should apply

This certificate is designed for senior-level management and emerging executive leaders in the nonprofit sector. At a minimum, a candidate should have several years of professional or managerial work experience.

Contact us by email or phone

For additional information please contact Dr. Cynthia Thiede, Director of Professional Development Education, at (602) 496-1061 or Cynthia.Thiede@asu.edu.


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