Elizabeth S. Schade Scholarship Application

Elizabeth S. Schade Scholarship Application

Purpose: The purpose of this scholarship is to assist a student (primarily Native American students or other minority students whenever possible) in the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Program, who has interest in and shows promise for a career in nonprofit leadership and management, with expenses associated with pursuing his/her degree.

Award: A tuition reimbursement scholarship dependent upon annual ASU Foundation earnings and eligible payout amount. The award is made possible due to the generosity of Dr. Thomas Schade, former Associate Dean of the College of Programs, and his mother (now deceased), Elizabeth S. Schade.

Criteria: Student selected must:

  • Be a current student in good standing (application on file) who is actively working toward fulfillment of Nonprofit Leadership Alliance certification.
  • Demonstrate promise for a career in nonprofit leadership and management, particularly with organizations that serve diverse constituencies.
  • Have the respect of his/her professors.


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All applications for NLA scholarships are due by 11:59 p.m., Friday, April 1, 2022.

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