Culture of Evaluation

In order to fulfill their missions, nonprofits must understand how their programs make a measurable, meaningful and lasting contribution to the populations they serve. The Culture of Evaluation workshop helps organizations build this important internal capacity.

Through a cohort workshop process, organizations prepare to develop and execute effective evaluations. Leaders from each organization will work as a team throughout the workshop to create tools and lay the groundwork for a truly transformational evaluation system.

Building a Culture of Evaluation
         ...measuring what matters

This one-day workshop is designed for nonprofit executives, board members and other staff who are interested in integrating social impact measurement into their organization’s decision-making culture:

  • Cultivate a Learning Culture: Understand the importance of approaching measurement and evaluation as an ongoing process and nurturing your organization’s culture to be open to feedback and responsive to results.
  • Implement a Theory of Change: Working as a team, your group will explore and develop a bridge between your organization’s mission and program activities. You will gain clarity on the people you serve and how your work changes the community for the better.
  • Develop Evaluation Questions: You will work with your team to determine crucial questions to guide your evaluation process. During this segment, you will decide what type of evaluation is most appropriate, and what it is you need to know in order to make strategic decisions and improve your programs.

How it works

The full-day workshop normally includes participants from three organizations, each bringing up to eight people. For best results, invite people throughout your organization, especially key the players who set the tone and priorities.


$950 includes up to 8 participants per organization. Additional participants can be added for a fee of $100/person, as space allows. Prices are subject to change without notification. 

For more information on this program, please call 602-496-0500 or email nonprofit@asu.edu.