Alliance Management Institute 2019

NLA students at AMI 2019 in Orlando

Envisioning a better future

In January 2019, 13 ASU students attended the Alliance Management Institute (AMI) in Orlando, Florida, one of the capstone requirements of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance program.

AMI is a two-day national conference hosted by NLA, where students from 40+ universities attend educational workshops and participate in other skill-enhancing activities to further career development. Each year, over 500 passionate, emerging leaders gather to network with sector professionals and learn how to create a greater impact.

ASU students at AMI 2019 in Orlando with alumni and NLA President Susan Schmidt
Students pursuing the Certified Nonprofit Professional Credential experienced the benefits of hard work in their fall fundraising campaign when they attended Envision, the 2019 Alliance Management Institute Conference, held by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance in Orlando, Florida. During the annual semester-long campaign, students apply fundraising techniques and learn the importance of seeing the bigger picture.

Thank you to all of our donors for your generous support of the NLA students in their journey to AMI and beyond. Each year, the student-run AMI fundraising campaign provides a rich and life-changing learning opportunity for our NLA students, and 2018-19 proved no different. Thank you for playing a part and investing in the future of the nonprofit sector!

And, because we surpassed our goal, we will be able to provide more extensive hands-on learning opportunities for our students this semester around fundraising, stewardship and professionalism.

$27,000 raised toward our $22,000 goal


The AMI 2019 experience

Meet our AMI 2019 attendees

The Alliance Management Institute (AMI) is...

  • The only national conference expressly designed to prepare 500+ college students for a career in the social sector;
  • Packed with educational workshops, networking opportunities and career development activities;
  • A capstone experience for individuals receiving the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential; and
  • Attended by upperclassmen, graduate students and professionals dedicated to building the capacity of nonprofit organizations.

ASU Nonprofit Leadership Alliance students participate annually in the Alliance Management/Leadership Institute (AMI), a premier “beyond-the-campus” leadership and learning experience for aspiring nonprofit professionals. Our students will join hundreds of young, diverse leaders from other universities at this extraordinary learning opportunity. By participating in AMI, our students are better prepared and more motivated than ever to change the world for the better.

Leadership development

For over 35 years, ASU has prepared the professionals that lead and strengthen our community’s nonprofit organizations. Leadership development experiences such as AMI bolster this preparation. Attendance at the Alliance Management Institute is a requirement for Nonprofit Leadership Alliance students to earn their Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential. According to NLA’s research, Certified Nonprofit Professionals stay in the nonprofit sector 50% longer and are seven times more likely to rise to director-level than nonprofit professionals who have not earned this certification.


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