Academic Programs

Academic Programs

The Lodestar Center provides academic education in nonprofit leadership for undergraduate and graduate students, as part of the School of Community Resources and Development within the Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions at ASU.

Bachelor of Science in Nonprofit Leadership & Management (NLM) As the first full undergraduate degree in the country, students are provided a theoretical and practical understanding of the nonprofit sector’s role as an integral part of the social, political, economic, and philanthropic fabric of American society. Students are empowered through coursework and co-curricular experiences to help them become successful professionals who positively impact the communities in which they work.
Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) Undergraduate Credential ASU is routinely considered one of the Nation’s leading programs offering a nationally-recognized and multi-disciplinary 30 credit-hour certification for undergraduate students interested in developing leadership and management skills for the nonprofit sector. A hallmark of the program is a co-curricular, experiential component that complements in-classroom learning. Upon completion of the certificate, students receive official designation as a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP), granted through the national Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.
Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management (MNLM)  Setting the standard for graduate education, this innovative program has become a model for graduate-level academic work within the field and aims to strengthen the skills and talents of nonprofit professionals. Students explore research, theory, and the practices of management and leadership in the nonprofit sector and culminate their experience with the development and defense of a capstone project. The degree also allows for enhanced recognition, similar to that enjoyed by those with graduate degrees in administration or management.
Nonprofit Leadership & Management Graduate Certificate  This certificate is available as a stand-alone program for graduate-level students, as well as a concentration for students pursuing other graduate degrees.
Social Entrepreneurship & Community Development Graduate Certificate With nonprofit and social sector groundings, this transdisciplinary program combines social entrepreneurship with innovative community development, providing a basis for exploring capacity building and fostering positive change for organizations, corporations, societies and economies. This certificate is offered completely online. 
Ph.D. in Community Resources & Development The Ph.D. program is a university-wide interdisciplinary degree, organized around a set of integrative experiences that provide knowledge and analytical skills to understand and address contemporary challenges related to building sustainable and healthy communities. These experiences encompass interdisciplinary course work, mentoring by faculty, and community involvement. Focus areas include parks and recreation management, tourism development and management, nonprofit leadership and management, and community studies.  


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