2019 Nonprofit Compensation and Benefits Sponsorship

2019 Nonprofit Compensation and Benefits Sponsorship

Now seeking sponsors!

Our research, and this report specifically, helps other nonprofit organizations do what they do better. With the support of your organization, we will be able to continue this critical work, thereby solidifying the important role the nonprofit sector serves in our society. Since the report is made available for a significantly reduced fee for participating nonprofits, your support is required to conduct and publish this important and critical research.  To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at 602.496.0500 or email nonprofit@asu.edu.

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Thank you to these organizations for your generous support of our 2019 Nonprofit Compensation and Benefits Report:

Tucson Foundations


Mutual of America

This is the ASU Lodestar Center's seventh published compensation report; it was last published in 2016. 


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