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Charles Best is "Character Approved"

In preparation for the upcoming 13th Annual Forum on Nonprofit Effectiveness that the Lodestar Center will be hosting in a few weeks, I have been working with the center's Director of Professional Development Education, Cristina Archibeque, to create postcards, e-blasts, and other promotional materials.  In the process of doing so, I happened to stumble across the following short video about one of our forum's keynote speakers, Charles Best.  It was produced by the USA cable network, as part of their "Character Approved" series.

Since I'm much more of a "tech geek" than a nonprofit guru, I must confess that I knew absolutely nothing about the keynote speakers we have scheduled for the forum.  This video really helped me get an idea of who Charles Best is, and how his philanthropic website,, is making a huge difference in the lives of school children around the country — and even around the world.  He definitely is "character approved" in my book. Take a minute and check it out!


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