Susie Brown

Vital Fundraising Skill - The Power of Story Time

posted by 
Susie Brown,
personal finance consultant

and freelance writer

Remember in nursery school how fun story time was? Ah, story time, just sit back, relax and let your imagination bring you to new places in time and space. The truth is, story time never gets old for people of any age, and it can be an effective and successful tool for communicating with adults. A story has the ability to unlock doors, unlock hearts, and open minds, all of which helps in fundraising. Here are a few ways telling a story can be helpful in fundraising:

Breaking through the noise—There is no lack of worthy causes for philanthropists to choose from, so why should anyone take notice of your cause? A great way to make your organization stand out from the rest is by telling stories. What has your organization done successfully to change lives and make the world a better place?

Emotional involvement—When people hear a story, they are able to comprehend it with more than just the power of their intellect, they can understand your message on an emotional level. Once people become emotional supporters of your cause, less convincing is needed to gain their support.