Patrice Sheldon

Online Video For Nonprofits

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Patrice Sheldon
Freelance Public Relations 

A recent post by Isaac Kiehl highlighted social media, and in particular the use of online photos, as a means by which nonprofits can improve interaction with the community. Online video takes this interaction one step further.

A report by tech giant Cisco found that 51% of all consumer internet traffic in 2011 was video traffic. The figure is expected to rise to 54% by 2016, at which time video-on-demand traffic will have tripled.

A particular benefit of videos for nonprofits is that, unlike the written word, or even still photographs, video uses moving imagery and sound to convey a message that in text often appears dry and disassociated from the viewer. The visceral experience allows the viewer to be effectively immersed in what it is you are trying to convey. Content is king, and according to content marketer Joe Pulizzi, nonprofits are the easiest of all to develop a content marketing strategy for, because they can tell the best stories: “All they have to do is go to their customers and do a short video or tell a story in words or pictures about how that person’s life was affected, as well as a short bit about how the not-for-profit played a role. That’s it.”