Martha Miner

Tips on landing a job in the nonprofit sector

posted by
Martha Miner,
Manager of Human Resources
Greater Phoenix
Economic Council

Finding gainful employment in the nonprofit arena is different than landing a job in other industries. At nonprofit interviews, your employer needs to distinguish your job credentials beyond a simple skill set – they need to recognize both your professional potential and your passion for the cause.

If you’re a nonprofit job candidate considering a career change or an NPO major who’s apprehensive of graduating, take these three steps toward landing a job you’ll love.

Laura Gassner Otting, author of Change Your Career – Transitioning to the Non-Profit Sector, nonprofit leaders manage “up, down, and sideways.” Staff must have the ability to juggle the accessibility and needs of donors, partners, coworkers, community members and volunteers – all while delegating responsibility, commanding authority, and exhibiting empathy.

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