Lindsay Walker

What happened to the FUN in fundraising?

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Lindsay Walker
Executive Director

Last month, CompassPoint, in conjunction with the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, released a report revealing some unfortunate statistics which provide real insight into the fundraising industry. Through raw data collected from more than 2,700 nonprofit and development professionals from across the country and representing a cross-section of organizational structures, Underdeveloped illustrates the oftentimes challenging career tract of fundraising, particularly within smaller nonprofits. The report explains how frustrations within a development position can commonly lead to myriad hurdles for an entire organization and offers tangible advice on how the sector as a whole can dramatically reshape the field of fundraising.

It’s no secret that fund development is tough work. With limited financial resources and human capital to dedicate toward annual funds, campaigns or special events, nonprofit organizations typically find themselves stuck in a rut; a rut that seldom generates new or additional funds. Moreover, the apathetic and even sometimes fearful attitudes toward fundraising among staff and board members can lead to a philanthropic dead-end. For fundraisers who find themselves discouraged with their organization’s fundraising landscape, or lack thereof, transitioning into another position or leaving the sector altogether seem more promising than transforming a stagnant development infrastructure into a flourishing operation.