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posted by
Travis Butterfield,
Project Coordinator
ASU Lodestar Center

We at the ASU Lodestar Center have been wanting to do a major overhaul of our newsletter for quite a while. As many of you are undoubtedly aware, the Lodestar Center Nonprofit News is a hugely useful newsletter with gobs and gobs of valuable information. It is one of our Center's "flagship" offerings, and we constantly receive positive feedback about it. However, it can be argued that the very things that have made the newsletter valuable to so many members of our community are paradoxically the things that can also make it seem overwhelming and inaccessible. In a word, the newsletter has outgrown its current format and needs some serious attention from Extreme Makeover, Weight Loss Edition.

We have some exciting changes in store for the Lodestar Center Nonprofit News. For example, later this fall we are preparing to launch a new, interactive, searchable job board that will eventually take the place of the Job Opportunities section of the newsletter. We will still link to job postings from the newsletter, but the new jobs site will be much more user-friendly and effective than our current format.

So, in the spirit of collaboration and transparency, we would love to hear from you, our readers, about what kinds of changes you might like to see in our NEW newsletter. While we obviously will not be able to accommodate every request, we will do our best to acknowledge and implement the feedback we receive from our readers.

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