Katie Hawkes

The Caveat of Idealism: Optimism and Doing Good in the Nonprofit Sector

posted by
Katie Hawkes,

Volunteer Services Coordinator
St. Vincent de Paul

Fact: In the Political Views section of my Facebook profile, it says, "Idealist. Group Hugs. Love."
Other fact: It's very, very true.

There's no way around it — I, Katie Elizabeth Hawkes, am an idealist through and through. I have a hard time assuming the worst about anyone, and I have difficulty comprehending why there isn't a political party I can subscribe to called "Sharing and Caring" or "Everyone Just Hold Hands and Sing." I once tried to explain to an economics major why, logically, we could just print more money to give to all the people in need without messing up the economy, simply by choosing not to change the value of the dollar.

That didn't go over so well.