How Organizations Can Find, Train, and Utilize Interns


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Brittany Miner

Internships are a great way for organizations to find human capital to address urgent needs at very little cost. Nevertheless, most organizations have much larger objectives in mind with internship programs. Oftentimes, internship programs provide a great way to find future employees by test-driving the talent first.

Internships often result in job offers

Obviously, many interns are motivated to do an internship in hopes of having the experience evolve into a full-time job. Some studies indicate that nearly 70% of
interns are offered full-time jobs as a result of the internship, with over 80% of the interns accepting the employment offer. There are however, other reasons why people get involved in internships. Some of these reasons are listed below:

  • They desire to gain more work experience and build their resume
  • They are fulfilling graduation requirements
  • They are exploring new career options in different industries

Finding interns