What’s your nonprofit doing to go green?

posted by
Allison Finney,
Commerce Energy

Unlike industries tethered to the private or public sectors, nonprofit organizations have an onus to further a common interest. That’s often why people get involved with them in the first place. Whether it’s a charity, a civic league, a social club, or any other type of NPO, the end product is likely to be an evolving contribution to society rather than a quick buck.

As flag bearers in the march for a greater good, it seems almost requisite that nonprofits should make an effort to go green - insomuch as what’s under our control. In the light of our deepening catalog of climate change research, many believe that the number one concern for our society should be a heightened effort to reduce our environmental impact. Here’s what your nonprofit can do to go green while still carrying out its mission:

  1. Before you organize your next benefit, fundraiser or elsewise-related event, think about the cleanest way to do it. Public exhibitions inherently produce a good deal of waste, including (but not limited to) paper, food and fuel. Have your event at a convenient, easy-to-reach venue that won’t have people driving their cars from all ends of the earth to get there. If you’re scheduling a meal or some snacks, try reusable plates and utensils. If not, find compostable or biodegradable tableware. Skip the paper name tags and chintzy decorations and organize an activity to have people introduce themselves to one another.