Fast Pitch Social Innovation Expo

Fast Lane Philanthropy

Terri Wogan
Executive Director
Social Venture
Partners Arizona

Imagine you have just stepped onto the stage before some of the Valley's most influential leaders. A passionate social entrepreneur, you have built an innovative approach to tackling one of our toughest social issues. Your organization is on the verge of a breakthrough. The audience is bursting with other investors capable of bringing significant additional resources to fuel your expansion.

You step to the mic with three minutes to prove you are what today's donors most want nonprofits to be: focused, innovative, self-sustaining, and, above all, effective. ...It's SHOW TIME!

This is the exact scenario that eight finalists of the "Fast Pitch Social Innovation Expo" will face on March 2, but many nonprofit organizations face a similar situation all of the time. Phoenix is considered one of the most entrepreneurial communities in North America for business innovation and performance, and Valley nonprofits also are doing innovative and impactful work, creating significant social wealth. We aim to expand the network of individuals and organizations that value innovation, accountability and operational stability in top-performing nonprofits.